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December 15 2012

Bryan Hitch's one regret at Marvel Comics. "I didn't get to do a good run on Spidey. It was discussed a few times, with Joey Q turning down a Spidey book from me and Joss Whedon. I know, right?"

That's a damn shame. Joss + an adolescent struggling superhero? You do the math. And with Hitch's artwork, it coulda gone down in history...
Holy beep, Joss could have had a run at proto-Buffy?

I've always thought that Spidey was the original Buffster, even over Kitty Pryde: teenage superhero, romantic struggles, with great power comes great responsibility AND the handy way with quips and such?
I totally agree. When I read the original Buffy movie screenplay, I kept thinking it reads like a good Spider-Man.
We got a glimpse of Joss-Spidey in the finale of Astonishing X-men, but yeah, superpowered teen facing real life problems and superhero problems, sometimes bot mixing with each other, and sometimes wishing she/he was a normal guy/girl... Definitevely Spidey/Buffy.
Hitch and Joss on Spidey? That would have been an amazing book every six months.
Even though it was a tiny little bit in the Astonishing X-Men, I thought Joss had a natural voice for Spidey and I really wanted to read more.
I always thought Joss would of been perfect on some type of Spider-Man project.
We've been reporting on the Whedon/Hitch Spider-Man story on and off for the last 8 years. Back in 2005, Hitch said he was going to a couple of things with Joss.
Grrrrrrr arrrrgghhh!! This would have been incredible!! I wonder when exactly was this pitched and if Marvel had just not seen the sales & trade sales on Astonishing X-Men. Or was it that that Joss pitch just didn't fit into Marvel's latest big event at the time?
I bet Marvel knows it was a mistake not to have that book happen, now. Certainly Joss is a big enough player in their system that they recognize his value to their organization. Unfortunately that means everyone was (for the time being) cheated out of what would've been another fantastic Spidey run.

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