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December 15 2012

Year of the Whedon: a GIF guide. The Weekly Whedon looks back on 2012's Jossness with this handy guide.

I've seen Cabin and Avengers during the midnight premieres, I was there for the Firefly panel at Comic Con, I was there when they premiered the scene Joss was in in "Husbands" at the Jane panel at Comic Con...

What a year for Whedonites!!! And it will only get better everyone! Bring on SHIELD and every other project Joss is doing! :D
I believe someone forgot Joss and potty training bird. But then again... MTV.
They forgot about Joss' part in Comic Con: Episode 4 A Fan's Hope (which I got on DVD w/Joss Whedon figurine). This has been an amazing year for Joss, I hope each future year keeps getting better and better!
AND they forgot "Scary Smash." If there were ever a potential source for hilarious GIFs...
It's the first time I see a moving picture from "Much Ado". Yay!
Where did they get the gif of MAAN from?
I think that's from the clip of that CBS Sunday morning feature on Joss.

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