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December 15 2012

The Best and Worst of 2012 Sci-fi. This list of the best and worst sci-fi moments of 2012 includes a brief mention of The Cabin in the Woods.

I looove the elevator. My favorite part is when the monsters are all set lose. A bit too much blood from the rape, sorry, molesting tree's victim(it couldn't have been that much blood, could it?), but otherwise, so, so wonderful.

I feel for the people that have to sacrifice people, but I'm still so happy to see some well needed justice gore.

I didn't read the books, but I get how the government in The Hunger Games are thinking. I mean, if they're killing kids now, the different sections or whatever they were called must be terrified what would happen if they tried to rebel again.
Clearly the writer of the article doesn't understand The Hunger Games... -_-

But besides that, yay for Cabin getting a mention!!! :D
Yea it's great Cabin get's a mention but the writer clearly didn't get Looper either.
The first half is the pop-corn actions stuff, which is done brilliantly but the second half is where all the genuine emotion is and Emily Blunt is great. Someone in the comments mentioned you didn't have anyone to root for and having no obvious 'hero' is sort of the point, proper film noir style.
/rant over
Yea it's great Cabin got a mention but I think Avengers should have too, there's lots of Sci-fi stuff in there.
I loved Looper! both halves!
I agree with him about Looper. Once they got to the farm the film just lost it.
Timetravel-movies like Looper are always fun, but a little more logic would make it far better. But I guess that's the hardest thing about it.
All the body parts business and changing the timeline stuff was not well-thought-out.

Back to whedony stuff:
Go elevator! I agree completely.
"Hear, hear!" on the "Hunger Games" Fanged, a bit disappointed it wasn't mentioned as well. What can we say?

Yet, "Cabin in the Woods" was bought up so there's hope in the world!
Looper was better in the second half once it became a much more personal story instead of another-cool-concept-soulless-scifi film.
Not to get off topic but the body-parts changing stuff in Looper WAS well thought out in fact it was the road map for how time travel works in the rest of the film.
The problem most people have with Looper is they try to apply time travel logic from OTHER films to it. Which is stupid. It would be like applying the Vampire rules from Twilight to Buffy.
[minor Looper spoilers ahead]
In Looper when someone goes back in time and changes the future the changes only effect chronologically 'forward' from when the change was made. So if you go back in time and then your younger self looses their arm, your arm would suddenly disappear but up until that moment it would still be there.
Once you apply this logic to the rest of the film it all makes sense.
You could argue that's not how time travel would work but considering no one has managed it yet, I think it's fine for film-makers to make up whatever rules they want, as long as they stick to them, which Looper did.

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