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December 16 2012

EW names Joss Whedon Winner of the Decade. In looking back ten years to see who was hot then (2002) and where they are now (2012), EW recognizes what Joss has accomplished in those ten years.

It's been a hell of a decade.
What a fantastic decade.
Congratulations, Joss! And thank you so much for your stories, we want more!!

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Didn't want to make a post because I knew it would get deleted but Jonathan Nolan, co-writer of The Dark Knight movies, said in a interview with Empire that he loved The Avengers and that Joss is God.
Ten years of storytelling that moves into your heart and head and sets up a non-stop dance party. Thank you for inviting us to it, Joss! (And if Dollhouse was strange, stay strange, for it was strangely beautiful.)
Wow, I could understand saying that Joss won the year, but the decade? He certainly didn't feel like he was winning when Firefly was cancelled, Angel was cancelled, and he was put through 'Wonder Woman' writing hell. I saw him at Comic Con in 2006 when nothing had been made by Joss in over a year and he was listing all the different things that he hoped to do (of course he had lots of comic books in 2006 but he didn't seem to feel that those made up for the total lack in movies and TV). I have felt that that was a low point for him, and since then he has been able to get more and more done (turning the lemons of the Writers' Strike into lemonade with 'Doctor Horrible'). I'm so glad he is getting so much recognition now, but it has been a difficult decade.
Looking at the scoreboard here in 2012, Joss has definitely come out ahead. Every year since 2002 has not been easy--but he never gave up! (Sorry for the jock-talk; the Texans have seduced me into following football.)

Sure, Firefly was never given a chance--but it's more beloved now than ever. And Angel could have used one more year--but people still watch it. Joss always kept busy & has ended the decade with a giant mega-hit. Plus a weird, original horror masterpiece.

And we're all eager to see what he does next....
And I just realized that I've been a fan of Joss Whedon for a decade now!
This warms my heart just so much. Back in 2009 I did some extensive cataloging of Joss-related resources, and I noticed a distinct shift in his confidence from pre-Firefly interviews (pretty high confidence) to post-Firefly and especially post-cancelled-WonderWoman, post-whateverhappenedtoit-Goners, etc interviews (quite humble in a way that was almost sad). I'm just happy beyond belief that he has had this success and I hope he continues to be able to leverage it to alternate between big commercial stuff (Avengers) and little personal stuff (Much Ado).

Joss, my boy, if you're browsing here at the old 'esque, just know... My heart is swollen with love and happiness for you. In a good way, not a bursting-followed-by-death way.
Yeah, Joss was down in the well for a bit but now he's back up top and swinging (yes, Joss is Batman - have you ever seen them together?)

What a great year he's had. Remember January, when everything was still promise and expectation?
Same here AnotherFireflyfan. Started on Fox's Buffy reruns when the show went into syndication and never looked back.

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Imagine how different the last 10 years would be if some of these projects had come to fruition.

Btw, tomorrow is Whedon's son's 10th birthday.

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@eddy - I started with Firefly when it first aired (witness: my screen name here). Actually, the cancellation was the impetus for my joining the fan community online, since I was in grief and needed to find others who shared my love for the show so we could take solace together, and talk about it. And then I wanted to see Joss's earlier works (Buffy and Angel) because of how much I had loved his writing in Firefly. I never looked back, and ten years later, here I still am - so dang proud at how successful he has finally become in the mainstream, and amazed that studio bigwigs (at Disney/Marvel) finally recognize his talent and give him money and leave him to work his magic.

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