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December 17 2012

Eliza vs Felicia vs Joss? It must be The Streamy Awards. All three of them got nominated for Best Guest Appearance. Felicia also got nominated for Best Writing: Comedy.

They still do this? I thought the Streamy Awards were dead and gone.
I think after the abysmal first award ceremony many people thought the same. But it's semi respectable now. Though they did extend the nomination period which is never a good sign.
Felicia's "The Flog" was also nominated for best first-person series, which is an odd category at best, but I hope she wins!
Gotta be Joss for Best Guest. And I hope Felicia, Husbands, MyMusic and Kids React also pick up some other awards -- well deserved for the year in web shows they've delighted me with.
Nice to sea the Streamy Awards again. I hadn't missed them in the years they skipped, but it's nice to have an award for web-series again. There have been a lot of good ones lately, and they deserve some recognition. I'm not always a fan of awards, but, abysmal first award ceremony notwithstanding, the Streamys generally appear to be OK (at least whoever decides the nominee's have the good taste to pick all those Whedony nominees).

@bobw1o I quite like that category, but it should IMO have included David Mitchell's Soapbox.
Nice list. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries is also an excellent show.
It wasn't the first year that was bad, although it had issues. It was the second year (which I was at) which was an absolute unmitigated disaster. It was sort of rebooted/taken over by (of all things) Dick Clark Productions after some time off.

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