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December 17 2012

Zack Whedon's "Come and Find Me" makes the Black List. Every year film executive Franklin Leonard puts out a list of the hottest unproduced screenplays; this year the list was voted on by nearly 300 film execs. Zack Whedon's "Come and Find Me" made the cut.

In previous years the list has included "Juno," "Lars and the Real Girl" and "500 Days of Summer." Never a guarantee it'll get made, but recognition of quality never hurts...

Sorry, but I don't see mention of Zack Whedon or the title 'Come and Find Me' in the linked article.
Thank you, Nikki Finke... Someone at Deadline is updating the article as we speak, to add synopses and more details, and they haven't put everything on the list back yet. But it was there when I linked and it was announced in the official list just released in The Black List's Twitter feed.
I'll update when a better source shows up.

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Updated the link to the official release:

Zack Whedon
When his girlfriend goes missing, David must track down her whereabouts after he realizes she’s not who she was pretending to be.

Agency: WME
Agent: Simon Faber
Production: The Dan Jinks Company
I had JUST been wondering what Zack had been up to lately. I was looking at his IMDB page and couldn't find what he had been up to in the last few years. I got worried that he wasn't writing anymore. Glad to see he's still at it and that someone is taking notice of his talent!
Anyone got a copy of this?
Did anyone notice that Eyal Podell--"Sam Lawson" on the "Why We Fight" ep of "Angel"--has a script ("Seuss") on this list? And it received a heckuva lot more votes (43) than Zack Whedon's (6).

"So sailor boy finally came back for yo-ho-ho." Looks like.
This reminds me of another Zack Whedon script I read years ago that was never made. It wasn't too bad. Would have been an indie-type film.
I bet the girlfriend is an Active from the Dollhouse. :)

....Also, Juno. Ugh. :(

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