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December 18 2012

Joss Whedon is the Greatest Movie Person of 2012. According to Total Film, he's "the worst kept secret in Hollywood. The geek of geeks. And the only guy crazy enough to contemplate taking on the biggest blockbuster Marvel (and 2012, come to think of it) have to offer."

I wish people would stop saying Buffy was canceled.
Yeah, this doesn't seem to be super well-researched: Cabin was written years ago, whereas Much Ado actually was made this year...
I hate when in order to celebrate his current success publications feel like they have to portray everything prior to 2012 as a fail. Especially Buffy. Since when does 7 seasons and choosing your own end date qualify as a "trial"? Still, good to see Joss making all of these lists.
As opposed to ANGEL, which as usual wasn't even mentioned.
Many Whedon fans don't like it so so maybe that was intentional.
And even though Angel wasn't allowed to choose its own end date, a spin-off that runs for five seasons is still a success in my book.
Many Whedon fans don't like it so so maybe that was intentional.

Ummmm no. A lot of fans love Angel.

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