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December 18 2012

"Joss Whedon is a god. The Avengers was just an incredible achievement." Nice interview with Chris Nolan's brother and a shout out to Joss which might put the whole TDKR vs. Avengers thing to bed.

I've been very glad that both Nolans have been as successful as they've been in Hollywood. I love their movies and Person of Interest, too. Can't wait to see the next Nolan brothers movie.
To be fair, I think it was the DP who was taking potshots at the Avengers. Most of the back and forth really seems to be between fans of the series.
Well, azzers, I think it was actually Matthew Modine (the GCPD commandant) who was talking smack first but I personally think TDKR Director of Photography Wally Pfister got the bigger buzz about his post-summer release schedule verbal smackdown on Joss and Seamus McGarvey's filming choices for The Avengers...

Technically you could say this all began in 2008, before Whedon's involvement at all:

Robert Downey Jr, said "F*** DC Comics" when "The Dark Knight" became the biggest film of 2008, eclipsing his "Iron Man".

A joke?


Anyway, I think the whole comparison / argument is pretty pathetic. I've seen plenty of people here dump all over Nolan and Batman, and I'm sure that on a Nolan fan board people there are dumping all over Whedon and Avengers. So pointless. So stupid. One doesn't invalidate the other. Both movies can happily sit on the same shelf at home. Yet people do it anyway.

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