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December 18 2012

(SPOILER) Willow Wonderland #3 preview from CBR. Three pages from next month's issue of the Willow miniseries.

Preview looks good.
Yeah, I'm actually more interested in Willow's journey than Buffy's. Angel and Faith are always a home run for me, but Willow's arc is pretty intriguing.
Love the cover, both of them. Not too happy with what I see for the interior artwork, though.
Truly the only items in the comics A- outside the Angel & Faith series (only some of which I've seen) B-since "Harmonic Divergence" - which I've honestly enjoyed even a bit.
I have to agree with the interior artwork, Dana. On page two, theres a panel mid page of Willow reaching out to touch the rock that looks horrible. If you showed me that picture alone I never in a million years would have guessed its Willow. It looks like some sort of faery alien hybrid. Her eyes also look so strange in all of the panels, kind of bug-eyed. I just...I really don't like the art at all.

Also, that "Sopranos" reference made me cringe. It just felt like SUCH a forced, dated reference. The thing that's great about Joss' writing is how he could seemlessly interweave pop culture references into dialogue. That Sopranos line fell so flat it completely pulled me out of the preview.
Wow, that was... unexpected ? I mean yet another Giles reference in a vision related to the end of the world. Not to mention yet another hint at Marrak and Rack connection. Which is false connection, that is now being denied by me. I am fine with the artwork, and Willow's eyes being silvery-white for now.

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