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December 18 2012

Jeph Loeb on SHIELD - "Hopefully we will be on in the Fall of 2013 on ABC!". A brief discussion of Joss' new show in this interview with Marvel TV's Honcho.

Very very brief, but it's always nice to get any tidbit on the show.
It's my sincere hope that they play the pilot at Comic Con...

I will FREAK out if they do
I hadn't thought of that. That would be quite the thing.
I would be shocked if they did the whole pilot, but I think if the series is a go we can almost guarantee some kind of footage. That sort of buzz is invaluable.
Not necessarily invaluable. Scott Pilgrim had mad Comic-Con buzz.
Haha, fair point. Replace "is" with "can be"!
If the show is going on the Fall ABC schedule the pilot will absolutely be ready for SDCC. Can't imagine a scenario where they wouldn't play it. Hell, they might show it even in the unlikely event it doesn't go to series like they did with Locke and Key.
Oo. Put it on Sundays and we'll have Jane (Once Upon a time) and Joss for this.
....Someone make this happen!
Didn't they play the Lost pilot at comic con? I know I dled it before it aired.
Sam Jackson talks to MTV about Nick Fury and whether he'll have a role on the SHIELD series.

He hasn't been contacted or spoken to Joss yet but it sounds like he would like to have some sort of role maybe ala Charlie on Charlie's Angels.A voice on a box.

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They show a lot of pilots for genre shows at Comic Con, unfortunately I already failed to get tickets. :(
I don't know. I've got a bad feeling about Joss' return to network TV. While it isn't Fox, ABC can be just as brutal about the shows they put out on air.
I trust ABC. Once Upon A Time is dark and complex and surprisingly mature. It is doing so well. As long as ABC lets the SHIELD writers do their thing, like they've let Once, I think SHIELD is in good hands.

Also, I have Comic Con tickets for next year, so here's hoping there's a SHIELD and Thor: The Dark World panel... *crosses fingers*
@jettamesis, look at it this way: Joss's contract with Marvel is preventing him from working for any other company or network. So, we can have SHIELD next year on ABC, or nothing on any network or cable until 2016.

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There's nothing to stop him from doing web series. We may be watching Dr Horrible 2 and Wastelanders in the next couple of years.
@Simon, good point. Independent projects are always an option.

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