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December 19 2012

Highlights from last night's Avengers Q&A with Joss Whedon. There was a Directors Guild of America special screening of The Avengers last night in Hollywood and Joss did a Q&A afterwards. Lots of tidbits to be had (including The Wasp being in the first draft of The Avengers, the second Avengers villain that never was and why Buffy Animated never happened). And there's more coverage at Slashfilm and SFX.

I love stuff like this, intersting insite. I hope to make it to something like this some day. I really wish I had the time to see Fran Kranz when he did the Cabin screening in Boston.

Any idea's on the villian? I was thinking Ultron or the wrecking crew (as failed super soldier experiments on prisoners or something).
I remember there were a lot of rumours about Red Skull being the second villian, which would have linked it to the tesseract.
Lost didn't end on an unsatisfying cliffhanger. Not everyone liked the conclusion, but it had one.
Yeah, is that comment about LOST a misquote? LOST resolved everything, for better or worse. And it had no more episode ending cliffhangers and big season finale loose ends than Buffy or Angel ever did...
Read all the coverage. It seems pretty clear, I think anyway, he was referring to season-ending cliffhangers. The context appeared to be things not being self-contained stories. I think I remember him having an issue with the first Hunger Games book for the same reason. (Remember, he's always discussed his TV show seasons as ending in ways that could, if necessary, serve as series enders.)
Which is also the issue he has with Empire Strikes Back of course.
@The One True b!X: Except for season 6 of Buffy and 3 of Angel (which I think where the only two rare times when a sudden cancellation seemed out of the question).

To me it seemed like Joss wasn't opposed on principle to a season finale that didn't offer a complete resolution if he could be certain there'd be a next season.

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