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December 19 2012

Nick Fury wanted to eat at Los Pollos Hermanos? In this Samuel L. Jackson interview, he talks about how he almost made a cameo on Breaking Bad while filming The Avengers in New Mexico. As well as lots of stuff about his other recent projects!

From the interview:

And that was another thing: when I was doing "Avengers" in Albuquerque, they were shooting "Breaking Bad" next door. I just wanted to walk into the chicken place and buy some chicken and walk out. I didn't want to say anything, I don't want to do anything -- I just wanted to walk in there ... because I love the show. Giancarlo [Esposito, who played restaurant owner and master villain Gus Fring] is my friend. I just wanted to buy chicken from Giancarlo.

Why wouldn't they let you do that?

They did, but "The Avengers" people were like, "You don't have time go and do that." But they were cool with it -- I was bowling with them. We'd go bowling and do all kinds of s*** together.

That would have been fantastic. Especially if he'd had the eyepatch on!
MMHM that is some tasty chicken.
A friend of mine who worked on Avengers needed me to pick something up for him at the studio after production wrapped. I took the opportunity to sneak a picture of the Breaking Bad RV and Walt's Aztec, which were parked in a lot behind the building.

And that's my almost-relevant story for today.
I so wish this could have happened! Especially if they showed him paying for his chicken with a "Bad Ass Mother****er" wallet.

The Breaking Bad cast is really into bowling, apparently. They even participated in a celebrity bowling tournament with Chris Hardwick and the Nerdist crew last year - there are videos on YouTube and elsewhere. Bryan Cranston (Walt), Aaron Paul (Jesse), Betsy Brandt (Marie) and RJ Mitte (Walt Jr.) made up the Breaking Bad bowling team.

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