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December 19 2012

The Cabin in the Woods is IGN's Best Horror Movie for 2012. As voted by readers.

It's my fav horror film of all time!!! :D
I see that Avengers was also recognized as best... Joss really has a dynamic duo of films out this year.
Righteous decision!
TCITW really did blow my mind! Like a lot of you here I knew about this way back in 2009, and the endless waiting for it to be released was such an ordeal, but the wait was definitely worth it, this is the first movie I saw in the cinema more than once, and I actually had to stop myself from going for a third time.

I've got the Blu-ray Steelbook, the score, the novelization, the visual companion, and I even made my own OST with songs from the movie, I guess it's safe to say that I like this movie, a lot.
Hey guys, the bottom (where it says People's Choice) is how the readers voted, but the top is IGN's pick - the point being Cabin in the Woods won both. :)

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