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February 21 2004

Television Academy Shakes Up Emmy Rules "The television academy is shaking up Emmy rules to try to freshen a competition that sees the same shows winning trophies year after year." Brief Buffy The Vampire Slayer mention.

Just goes to show you how highly regarded BtVS was and still is when there are still a ton of other shows still on the air that they could've used as an example but Buffy is the one show that deserved to have all kinds of awards given to Joss and the writers. Unfortunately, unless Angel gets picked up by a new network I doubt this would help at all even if the show is nominated. I'm sure if they are honestly going to nominate shows that deserve it, Angel will be one of the nominees.

Yeah - it's nice for BTVS - but they cannot be nominated now any how. I wished they would have used Angel as the example instead - which would help add more street cred to it's marketing by FOX.

On another note the futon critic current viewer poll - Which series ending this season are you going to miss the most? - Angel is listed as one of the show and is in the lead with 44.11% of the vote. If you haven't voted yet go vote now.

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With Angel's non-renewal, all I can say to the Television Academy is "too little...too late."
Oh come on, guys. This might not be fan-freaking-tastic news for BtVS or Angel, but it's really really good for television overall.

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