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December 20 2012

'Cabin' makes The Daily Beast's list of 20 Best Movies of 2012. Unfortunately, they failed to mention Drew.

Wow, they didn't even include Lincoln or Life of Pi (both of which I expect to dominate the Academy Awards). I am thrilled to see CitW listed among such good films (most of which never even opened anywhere in Iowa).
I wish Joss would address this (the fact that his name seems to squeeze out everyone else.) And I mean, really address it. It's one thing to get a mention in every interview when someone has a tangential connection to you like when Day or Fillion get asked about Joss and they're years removed from Dr. Horrible. It's another thing entirely when people get written out of the pop culture's memory in their own project due to his connection. I mean Drew will be fine, but that would irk me something fierce.

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First of all, It was co-written by Joss Whedon, not JUST written by Joss Whedon, so not mentioning Drew at all as a co-writer or director, and this list has The Dark Knight Rises on it, but not Avengers? I am disappoint.

But yay for Cabin! Haha.

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