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December 20 2012

Tom Hiddleston unsure if he'll be in Avengers 2. He tells MSN "I haven't spoken to Joss. He's definitely doing it. So I suspect not, only because I think that probably the audiences are tired of Loki being the bad guy. Maybe the Avengers need somebody else to fight."

A part of me agrees, because the "Been there, done that" rule probably applies to a villain appearing in the same movie verse for three movies. Another part wants to watch "Loki the movie", 1 through 5.

I definitly think he needs to do a appearance though. Maybe in the last scene/teaser, showing us that he will show up for Avengers 3 or another movie. Because we need more Loki.

Maybe it's just as simple as giving him another character arc other than world domination or hurting his brother. Maybe we get that in the next Thor movie even. Maybe something happens to him that acts as a catalyst, making him want to change and stop hurting/dominating people.

I was playing with the idea that he somehow caused the death of his mother(maybe she threw herself in front of Thor to save him from Loki), and that either made him even crazier and lose control(like Willow in season 6 of Buffy) or make him break down and realize things need to change.

RL is kicking me enough for my fantasy world of Tom&Joss being crushed as well, thanks. Maybe JW is just waiting to see what happens in the new Thor movie...

*cough* Spike-storyline *cough*
Mirage - I don't think Joss has to wait to see what happens in Thor 2. Most likely he's one of the people deciding what happens. :)

But, yes, I would prefer that Loki pulls a Spike rather than just be a run-of-the-mill villain.
Oh man..... This just might be the worst news I've heard all year......

I don't want Loki to be the villain AGAIN in Avengers 2. I want him to be an anti hero.

I always thought since Thanos might be the main villain, that Thor would ask Loki to help The Avengers, since Loki is the one who knows Thanos best. It'll be a redemption kind of thing. Like, in Thor 2, Loki does something heroic but in order to truly gain redemption, he needs to help The Avengers.

I deeply hope from the bottom of my heart that he is in it. Tom's performance is universally liked by critics and fans alike, not to mention his huge fan base. I think it would be a mistake if he wasn't in it.
I think it would be great to leave screen time for some new things. Joss already has to juggle all, and probably more, Avengers as it is.
I need my Loki fix. (btw, I named my new cat after him)
I'll be happy with whatever story Joss tells. Really not expecting Joss to transform Loki into Spike. I'm perfectly happy with the wonderful Spike we already have. I don't need another one.

Comics experts, isn't Loki always a bad guy? Can't imagine Joss contradicting that.
As great as Loki is, he shouldn't be the franchise villain.
I'm not an expert, but I'm pretty sure he has on occasion fought on the side of good when it's suited his needs. He is a trickster after all, he's always out for himself. Heck, in the movie, his ultimate goal probably involved double-crossing Thanos in the end.
I really can't see Joss writing in the Loki and the Other scenes in Avengers without having Loki in mind for Avengers 2.

Loki is already tied with Thanos, who happens to be the Big Bad of Avengers 2, so I really do have a feeling that Loki will help out The Avengers in trying to defeat him.

Sure, we don't need a Spike 2.0, but I don't think Joss would write Loki and Spike alike.

And Joss said Loki is the new Spike, sooo :D
First Joss has to introduce Wasp (portrayed by Morena Baccarin) and Ant-Man (Nathan Fillion of course!) and build up their relationship before tearing it apart with pain and betrayal and domestic violence. That's when Loki comes back seeking revenge against The Avengers for foiling all his evil plans, but falls in love with Janet instead. He decides to become a better man. For her. To be hers. To be the kind of man who would nev- to be a kind of man.
Ha! Brilliant, Kaan.

I just get my hackles up whenever anyone starts say Joss "should do this" or "has to do that." No. He doesn't.

He will tell the story and we will watch and enjoy it or we won't. Fan demands on storytellers is wrong in every single case. If that is the story that lights your fire then write it. :)

I'll wait for Joss.
Just wanted to second your statement, IrrationaliTV. I don't really get why people can't just let people tell the story they wanna tell. And especially someone like Joss, who has yet to disappoint me, so I have complete faith in anything he wants to throw my way.
Note, I never said "Joss HAS to write Loki in", I would just really like it if Loki was in the movie.

Joss is amazing and has never disappointed me. So, if the story he wants to tell doesn't involve Loki, that's perfectly fine.

I just think, in my opinion, narratively speaking, the movie could benefit from another appearance of the Trickster God.
Considering how packed Av2 is going to be, I vote for substantial cameo instead of active role: a one-scene appearance in which Loki provides critical exposition and a rundown of possible weaknesses. One delicious, delectable scene.

But Joss is far wiser than I, if only because he writes such ideas down and then uses them or scraps them depending on the need, while I just post about them on the Internet.
I think Giancarlo Esposito should have a cameo where he brings Nick Fury some Pollos Hermanos chicken (per Samuel Jackson's revelation that he wanted to do a silent cameo on "Breaking Bad").

Seriously, I have every confidence that Joss Whedon will do what he thinks is best for "Avengers 2" and that he'll be right about it.
I am actually fine with this, Loki is cool and all and I like Tom but it would be nice to have a bit of a break from the character. Plus I would like to see Thor in a movie without him, so he can have a different arc to deal with.
Not sure we can say anything narratively speaking until and unless we have any idea of the sequel's actual narrative.
Your username really fits that kind of statement :)

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It has been so long since I was an Avengers reader, was Galactus one of their major enemies, or was that the X-Men? You can't really go to the well with the same kind of foe in the second episode. Let Joss go wild for 3/4 of the movie, and then drop Thanos completely out of nowhere for the finale.
It's all a ruse! We will have gobs of Loki.

*********Running away with fingers in ears *******
@jubal lives - Not sure if you were suggesting Galactus as a possible villain, but I believe be belongs to Fox along with the Fantastic 4.
@Jubal lives, Galactus threatened the entirety of Earth, so he was everybody's enemy. But it's the Fantastic Four who are most associated with dealing with him.

The X-Men's most powerful on-going foe is probably Apocalypse.
Heh. Thanks, Skytteflickan88, hadn't thought of it that way.
Hmm. I took a look at the MTV Splash Page poll on this year's best super-villain, and Loki has a measly 84.11% of the votes.

I think we can say Tom Hiddleston made an impression.
I think that the appeal of The Avengers is that Loki is less of a threat, so they can spend the time "figuring it all out" until the huge battle sequence at the end.
Joss knows more about comic-lore than I do, so I'm just waiting for him to come up with the right guy to take the sequel to even higher levels.
(personally, I think The Avengers seriously side-stepped the "Spider Man 3" syndrome by not having another villain. Tom did great!)

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