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December 21 2012

'Why Joss Whedon is Hero of the Year' by Jane Espenson. "Being asked about the impact Joss Whedon has had on comic book movies is like being asked about the impact the moon landing had on moon exploration."

Nawh, sweet and so very true. I sure hope Jane and Joss will write on something together again soon (*cough*SHIELD*cough*).
I'm of the same opinion.
I don't know if the Oncers are going to share. Nobody writes Rumple like she does.

But they are all Disney so there's hope.

What's "The Weekly Whedon?"

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@hann23: a standing regular column at MTV on things having to do with our Purpleness.
Joss and Jane writing a story together?

Quit tugging my heartstrings like that!

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