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February 21 2004

Petition UPN Network to Save Angel. A petition has been started to specifically ask UPN to pick up ANGEL.

EXCELLENT! We can keep Angel alive! Everyone sign it!!!!! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
The beginning of the title made my heart leap. Having several petitions sounds counter-intuitive (especially ones with grammar mistakes - and no, I'm not being petty, I understand changing a petition once it's signed is problematic).
But since they're ineffective anyway, and make some people feel better, I guess there's nothing wrong with it.
Well, I wouldn't say they're ineffective. As RavenU pointed out in another thread that the other petition to save Angel was getting mentioned in several articles shows that it at least got publicity and publicity is what we need to let networks know we want the show to be renewed.
Yeah and there are examples of shows being saved by fan reaction. I just don't hope that 'Save Angel' petition having almost 50 000 and the UPN one maybe not reaching that high looks like there's a lot of Angel fans that don't like UPN as a channel or something!

So everybody vote. Even if you think it's bunk. Won't take a minute of your time. And it could still help for future spinoffs to show there's great interest in the Buffyverse.
Me too Anti, I saw the beginning of the title and was just about to hit the print button and run around the house waving the bit of paper around. Ah, that moment will have to wait.
I think TNT is a much better fit. They already show the old Angel on sindication, they have bags upon bags of money (Ted Turner is loaded), and they only other original show they had (Witchblade) they had a commercial or ad for every two minutes, so you know they would advertise the hell out of Angel. That and Buffy didnt seem right on UPN, and I dont think Angel would either.
Maybe we should have a petition to TNT as well then. Every little bit helps , every bit of media coverage furthers the cause and if I may dare to say it...makes the WB look pretty bad. Any network that does pick up Angel will certainly be the people's champion. Wouldn't that be awesome ?
I agree with Kathylovesspike that another petition geared at TNT would be great too. Who knows, maybe we can get both shows interested and there will be a bidding war!
Getting TNT to pick up Angel would also be great but bear in mind 2 things -TNT has not done a series since it was burned by Witchblade. Granted Angel has at least proving staying power and a lead that is not always in detox - but still once burned - twice shy. As it has been stated meny times it's all aout the money in the end andthe Withblade series cost them a lot. Secondly TNT is a sister station to the WB and even though it was one of the most profitable cable stations last year - TW's revenue loss may also hinder it's ability to ad original programming to it's lineup. The up swing is Angel is doind well on TNT which is a big plus - but is it enough of a plus to off-set all the negatives.
I don't care what network it's on. It can be on the Golf Channel for all I care. I just want there to be another season.

My heart jumped as well when I saw the title.
I've slightly reworded the title to avoid initial confusion. Personally, I believe that a postcard campaign would be noticed more by UPN.
The link no longer works.
Yeah the link works but it seems petitions online site is down. Opps man are we having a field day today - first we wreck futon critics voting poll and now petittions onine is offline. Either that or the WB is indeed plotting against us.


Ok - I am not letting paranoia set in just yet ... I'll give it a minute.
Yep I checked them all. The petitions, the 'which show will you miss most''s official. We're killing all those sites.

That or there truly IS a conspiracy against Joss and all those sites have been sabotaged. By blue handed men maybe??
Its working now! I managed to get the site up so it seems ok! Dont give up people!
it too, got excited for one brief moment.. oh well, EVERYONE GO SIGN IT NOW!!!!!

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