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December 21 2012

'Leverage' gets cancelled after 5 seasons. Bad news for Christian Kane fans.

I don't watch this show but why would they air the episode on christmas. Hardly any one is going to see it.
I saw Christian Kane in concert a few months ago. 90% of the audience were female Leverage fans:-)

Christian is great-hope he gets another regular gig soon.
Oh no, heartbroken!
At least they got to end it they way they wanted, with closure. I hate it when they cancel shows and leave the fans hanging.
This is one of my 'must see' shows, where I both watch it live AND DVR it (in case I want to rewatch it later). I like all the characters and I LOVE the stories (the recent one about taking down WalMart was hilarious). No other show does the anti-corporate greed thing the way 'Leverage' does (which is probably why it is getting cancelled).
You think that's why it's getting canceled? It lasted for 5 seasons. It's getting canceled cause it's too expensive compared to what they make from it, as is always the case when something gets canceled.

I stopped watching cause I got bored. I liked some of the characters, but every single episode was exactly the same thing.

Anyway, good luck to Christian. Hope he finds something else soon!
I have enjoyed it mostly. I did like all the characters, but I have to admit this last season has gotten awfully 'preachy', a mistake that MASH made and turned off viewers. I'm not sure why entertainment programs can't stay entertaining without eventually trying to send 'a message'.

Of course, that was the beauty of Buffy-Angel-Firefly writing, you were completely enthralled and if there were any intended messages they were so well concealed that rarely did you even know you'd been subjected to them ... :o)
Not surprised - a lot of weak episodes were slipping through, though they did occasionally have a few brilliant ones (and from the preview, the finale looks like it's going to be amazing). This season had 4 of the 5 cast members paired up, and no overarching menace, so every episode was pretty standalone. Looking forward to seeing where the cast goes next!
I was convinced during the season that Sophie was (pregnant in real life) and having her chats with Nathan via telephone from England that they would eventually end the series with her presenting Nathan with their child. His grief over the loss of his son was so prevalent in the early seasons, but now they seem to have forgotten that. I guess we'll see soon.
I thought this was a very inventive and funny re-telling of Mission Impossible... when it first started. However, as stated above, it got to be very boring due to the repetitive nature of the episodes and also annoying due to the preachy approach they took that all corporations are innately evil, which is a bunch of bs. I'm sorry that Christian is losing his job, but I won't miss the show.
It had a good run. I honestly thought it was over after that great Season 4 finale, but the renewal came through anyway. You can tell that the writers seemed to have lost steam this season.

I'm neither glad or sad that it's over. If I have one gripe, it's that I felt Parker and Hardison's romance never got the attention it deserved once they decided to give it a go.

@steverogers - There are plenty of corporations that have been proven to be evil in real life. More than enough to supply an endless amount of bad guys in a TV show. And in all fairness, more often than not it was a lone individual that was the villain of the week - they just happen to work for a corporation.
I think "Leverage" is being canceled for the reason a *lot* of shows get canceled after Season 5 - they've reached the magic number of at least 100 episodes so they can be sold into syndication and the actors were originally contracted for five seasons, which means they'd have to renegotiate (and get raises, causing the show to become more expensive) for a sixth season.
@ Shapenew,

Aren't most actors contracted for seven seasons, depending on the network, budget and episode counts? Usually most contract re-negotiations are for season eight onwards.

And "Leverage" doesn't even have enough episodes for the typical off-network syndication. The usual minimum required is 88 (100 is usually the standard); "Leverage" only has 77 episodes. The reason ION picked it up is that it fits their rapidly evolving television lineup, which fits perfectly with shows like "Numbers", "Flashpoint" and "Criminal Minds."
Mcjw_serenity, I'm pretty sure the standard contract for most TV shows is still five seasons (I am pretty sure this was the situation with "Leverage"), though there are of course exceptions. Sometimes seasons six and seven get lumped together deal-wise, hence the big renegotiation for Season Eight. I thought "Leverage" did have 100 eps, but I was thinking 20 per season for five years, which wasn't the case, so I was wrong about it meeting the syndication number.
While it is never fun to see a favorite show end, I think it was time. Now the actors can go on and try other projects
@Egghead - I'd agree that people are innately evil. Corporations are just organizations made up of people, so from that standpoint, you're right.
I'm sad to see it end. It was a really good show and could have gone a couple more seasons.

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