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December 23 2012

Listen to Joss Whedon's Q&A from earlier this week. This held after a special Avengers screening on Tuesday night and was hosted and moderated by Jeff Goldsmith. The full interview is now available on the latest episode of "The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith" podcast (iTunes link). Highlights from it can be found here.

Sweet! More Jossness in time for Christmas :-)
For those who don't have/want/prefer iTunes: Non-iTunes link!
Oh good, thank you. I'll add that to the entry.
Oh this is a huge Christmas treat! I never get tired of listening to Joss' voice (and what he is saying is interesting too).

OMG! Joss is writing a novel?! I'm listening as I write this, and I would love to read a novel by Joss!

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Just listened to this. Word on the Jumper and hatch things. Wooord. Great listen.
The end of Lost season one remains one of my favorite moments of television ever. Sorry, Joss.
Sorry b!X, for me that first season of 'Lost' was the reason I never went back to watching it again.
I couldn't even get past the pilot of Lost. They crashed on an island and found some stuff, and there was a random polar bear, but seemingly no reason to care about any of it. There wasn't a single character that made me think "I have to see what that character gets up to in the next episode". Entirely subjective, of course. A lot of people obviously found it much more compelling than I did.
This Q&A was super enjoyable, but perhaps reached its pinnacle with "This kitten's got claws!"
Sawyer was a fantastic character from day 1. That was enough to keep me watching for 6 seasons. I don't know what it is about these Spike-like characters. I just love them. A rebel who stirs the pot and keeps things interesting. I loved Shane on TWD for similar reasons although this current season has been pretty exciting without him.

Haven't listened to this Q&A yet. I kinda had a feeling that Joss wasn't too happy with Lost when he never mentioned it again for years after it premiered. Can someone tell me how long the Q&A is?
I wonder what kind of notes ABC is giving Joss Whedon regarding The "SHIELD" pilot.
IIRC he said at comic con 2010 that he had never seen Lost, so he must have only seen it in the past couple of years.

Also, on the Lost theme, I'm super curious about what Lost writer Drew Goddard thinks of Joss's comments.

EDIT: I think it was the Dollhouse season 2 panel, so it would have been comic con 2009.

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Didn't David Fury have some negative comments about Lost after he left the show?

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