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December 24 2012

Want to join Whedonesque? You can. Sign up is open for the next few days. Happy Christmas!

Best Christmas present so far, thank you :)
Yay! Thank you!!!
Been reading this site for 4 years and a fan of Joss's work for much longer. Thanks so much for opening up membership! Hi :)
Thank you, Whedonesque! Merry Christmas to all.
What a wonderful gift! Good to finally be here officially.
Welcome, new people!
Hey, b!x, I was listening to an old Nerdist podcast, and Chris Hardwick totally mentioned you!
Welcome new Whedonesquers, and Caroline: have I ever told you how much I LOVE that you open membership at holidays? It is so cool. Love and Merry and Happy to all!
Welcome new posters!
Firefly marathon on Science channel & new membership to Whedonesque. W00t! Must be a holiday or something!
Thank you! Merry Christmas!!
This is great, thanks so much :)
Yay! Welcome to all new people!
Welcome new Whedonesquers! Glad to have you aboard.
Welcome to all the new people.

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I'm not sure how I finally clued lucked into membership. I would see things I wanted to comment on and couldn't; maddening. Sort of like Internet roulette, I came to the site one day and it was open membership and I did gambol and throw celebratory darts and played a rousing round of croquet with the Red Queen (not really) but it felt that good. Enjoy, new posters, as I assume you've been readers ere long.
Welcome, all! For a long time, I was not aware that registration windows were so sparse here. The day I decided I would like to register, registration happened to be open.
Thank you ! Merry xmas everyone !
Happy holidays to all and welcome to the new members!
Merry Christmas!! Welcome everyone!!
Yes! Thanks a lot, guys!
I've been waiting for years!
Hello, it's nice to meet you all.
Hello folks! Happy to be part of this new batch of online Scoobies!
For GOD and his Angels....Thank you...Thank You...
I've been waiting for this for so long!!! So awesome to finally be a member :) I hope everyone has a very Whedon Christmas!!
Welcome new people! Put up your feet and have a spot of tea.
I feel bad reading all these comments as I've only been waiting since October, but hey, I'm excited too.
Welcome new members, it'll be great to see some names around here? ;)
My very first comment...Hi everyone!
Hi everybody! Thanks for opening up membership-another great xmas pressie. Looking forward to another year full of Whedony goodness :D
Welcome to all the new members...
I'm glad to join.
Loving all the new posters :) welcome!
Heh, I always love this :). Welcome everyone! Please have some complimentary cake with the tea you're supposed to get us ;).

(And on a semi-seperate note: yikes, it's been a month since my last post, and another month 'till the one before that, maybe I shouldn't be welcoming people, but re-introducing myself... where DOES one get that tea? ;))
I also feel a little guilty as I've only been waiting since September, but excited to able to join! Thank you!
Awesome. Been wanting to be a member for a long time. Thanks!
So excited! I've been a loyal reader for about a decade and I'm glad I finally get to join the community! Merry Christmas to me! Thanks!
Simon or Caroline: I've always been curious. How many active members do we have?
Hello everyone! Happy posting...
Great to be here fellow Whedonites!
Welcome Newbs, and Merry X-mass, y'all.
Everyone buy the comics so you can talk about them on here with us sometimes, please!
This took me YEARS. Yes,YEARS. (I keep missing the sign up times.) Thank you so much and I will post with wit and aplomb.
With plumbs wouldn't be too bad either - it's been awhile since I've had any...
Thank you! Merry Christmas to all.
Just joined :) - looking forward to participating. Happy Holidays everyone!
Welcome to the wonderful Whedonesque, the best darn tootin blog of all the internets!

Merry Happy Peace Joy and Love!
Welcome new folk! I remember my excitement when I saw a similar message and was able to join.
Just joined. Stopping in tonight to say hello and Merry Christmas. :)
This community is just so gosh darn friendly - no griping about the ways changing and the youngins about to theoretically ruin everything it stands for. After lurking (lots and lots of lurking) for five years I'm proud to join you all officially :)
Thanks for opening up to new members. Been a fan for a long time - great to finally stop lurking. Merry Christmas to you all.
It's great to finally have an account, great Christmas present to myself :)
Welcome and Merry Christmas/Cool Yule/Belated Happy Hannukah/Terrific Tuesday to the new folks, and all of the above to the already-here posters as well!
You new folk are so shiny! Welcome and merry Christmas to all :)
Awesome! Hi everyone!
Woo and triple hoo
Nice. Merry Christmas, everyone! Or Happy Holidays, if you prefer.
Add me to the list of people who have been waiting to join for years. Thank you so much for opening up registration! Merry Christmas!
Open you say? Don't mind if I do! Hello!
Firefly marathon and now a member? It's a joy joy joy Christmas! Thank you closedblueyes for sharing it!
Welcome new Whedonesquers! I get all excited and introspective every time I see that the registration is open again: excited because yay! new voices, introspective because I joined so long ago I don't remember the circumstances of how I became a member...
I've been around for years but always managed to miss the membership's opening! It's quite an amazing Xmas present :) Thanks!
Welcome new peeps!
Welcome aboard, new crew! Happy holidays, joyous posting and may you soar like a leaf on the wind!
Happy holidays to all members, new and old!
Thank you for the Christmas gift Whedonesque and Merry Christmas to all members (old and new)!
Welcome to all the new hands! Glad to see you. May I propose a toast?

Here's to a lovely 2013 on WE.
I am delighted to be a new poster, though long time reader, of Whedonesque. Toasting everyone with a nice de-caf.
Compliments of the Season to you all and welcome to all newcomers :)
Merry Christmas everyone!
I am not lying when I tell you that this is the best Christmas gift I have been given. Thanks!
Yay! I've gotten many Whedony gifts So far but being able to log in here made my day. Merry Christmas
Been coming to this site for YEARS. It's nice to finally become a member on here.
Welcome! Welcome all to our merry band of ruebens!
Yes! I've been a huge Joss Whedon fan since 2005, but somehow I always missed it when Whedonesque had open registration!
Benn lurking and wanting to join for years. Thanks for the opportunity!
Welcome, long-time lurkers, first-time posters. Glad to see you're Sleeping Not Dead. Feast!
Thank you!! Merry christmas.
Welcome to all!
Merry Welcome to all the shiny new members!
Hello everyone! I've waited for ages to join Whedonesque. Now I will finally be able to join in the discussions rather than just lurk and read.

Thank you, and Merry Christmas!
Thank you! I've been waiting almost a year to be a member! This was one of my favorite Christmas presents.
Thank you! This is ever so exciting. Happy Holidays to all!
Yay! Now I can finally stop lurking!
Thank you! I've been waiting for so long! I love this website, and I'm so happy I can finally join it.
Happy Holidays to everyone!
I hope you all got snow like the Hellmouth did :)
There was almost no sun today. If only we could have gotten snow.
Thank you so much Whedonesque! Merry Christmas everyone!
Thanks Whedonesque! Nice to not feel like such a lurker!
Shiny! Been waiting a long time for this excellent little xmas present, thank you so much Whedonesque!
With a solid 18 minutes left of Christmas (PST), I accept invitation to Whedonesque and say "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night."
Yes! Finally made it in!
Fantastic! I've been wanting this for years!
Welcome to all the new folks!
Yay! Happy Christmas everyone!
BOY am I excited, I can't even tell you! Best Christmas Ever! ;)
Welcome, all!
No more lurking! Happy new year!
Woohoo, all new people to discuss all the latest happenstances with! Greetings and happy holidays everyone!
Yay, like many people have been lurking and reading for years and always seemed to miss the holiday joining dates. Not this year - thanks, just added to my Christmas cheer!
Why is it that membership is generally closed? Was there some kind of mass fake-user creation attack back in the day?
Jeezum Crow! Who knew there were so many lurkers-now-members?! Welcome everyone, from a Haven't Posted So Much Lately member. Glad y'all got in.

(Only vaguely-related: In the Old Whedonesque Days, you could see off to the side of the page a link to a list of the referring search terms which had led people to the site. Everything from "Alexis Denisof naked" - not that that was ever posted - to "Jayne Hat knitting patterns" brought people here... and of course the perennial favorite "Joss Whedon's personal blog".)

Anyhoo, late to the parade, but a belated Happy Merry to all, welcome to the New Blood, and where does the time go? (#AClichéADayKeepsTheDoctorAway)
I also want to say Happy New Year and I hope everyone had a great holiday.
Welcome new people!
Been hoping to do this for a long time, and now I have. Yippee!
Just what I have always wanted. Thanks!
It's so sweet to see how happy this makes people. Like lookin' in a mirror back to whenever that was for me.
Been reading awhile, thanks for opening this up to us newbies! I especially can't wait to discuss the comics. :)
Hooray! I've been waiting a long time for this. What a merry Christmas surprise!
Me too! Merry Xmas all! Looking forward to another delightful Year of Whedon!
Welcome everyone :)
Sweet. I have been waiting (and heavily lurking) for many years as well. Nice to finally join fellow browncoats -- and to receive such a warm welcome. How unsurprising ;)
Woo hoo! I'm finally a member!
I can't believe it took this site until December 2012 to get a user named zelda.
b!X, are you keeping a check list?
No. You'd just think that every geek-inclined website would have a zelda early on.
Best present ever!!!!
Yeah! Happy to finally get to be part of the in crowd.
I'm jealous I didn't think of Zelda as a name.
Thank you very much!

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