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December 26 2012

MTV's Splash Page's poll results for Top Five Supervillains of 2012. I'm guessing no one's suprised Loki is in 1st place?

So glad that he's getting a lot of love :) and I love that they credit Joss as well.

At work, all the guys are fanboying over Bane and I get sad until I go on the Internet and realize there's a legion of fellow Hiddlestoners.

Take note, Marvel. Please give us another Loki appearance soon after Thor: The Dark World.
Huge legion of Loki lovers were spawned by Whedon's Avengers and I am one. I kneel before his evil greatness.

I am choosing to believe that the number one super villain of 2012 is included in Avengers 2 a wee bit.

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I can't comment on the voting since I haven't seen those other films yet (but I want to). I can say that I think Hiddleston's performance as Loki is pretty nuanced in The Avengers and that's what makes him an interesting villain (I need to see Thor and analyze if he's different or seamless from film to film); he may be ruthless but he also seems about on the verge of a full-blown jealous tantrum and I love that juxtaposition. Also a tribute to Joss' directing and a hulk-like punch in the nose to his detractors re the film.

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@Tonya J

A good thing to think about when watching the movies is that between Thor and The Avengers, time passed since Loki fell into a abyss and unknown stuff happened. It will make it easier to "get" the different (yet the same) versions of Loki we're shown.
Hey Skytteflickan88, thanks a bunch!
I definitely think/hope/wish Loki will be in Avengers 2!

His popularity should not be dismissed :D

He doesn't have to be a main villain, he just needs to be in it in some capacity :P

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