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December 26 2012

Indiewire chats with Joss about how "Much Ado" compares to "The Avengers." It's a great discussion in which the pleasures of producing "Much Ado" are discussed in detail, and in which other fandoms are jokingly dismissed.

The interview originally ran 9/13/12 (Indiewire is re-running it as part of an end-of-year wrap up series), but I don't see the original mentioned in the archives, so posting it now.

Wait wait: at the end of the interview the interviewer congratulated Joss on the ABC pick up of the pilot for S.H.I.E.L.D., does that mean that it is officially on the schedule for next Fall? Or am I misunderstanding what he was saying there?

It is a lovely interview, thank for posting it.
They greenlit the pilot. Not the series. Yet. The pilot hasn't even been filmed yet.
I can't wait to see these movies and that show. I haven't been able to say I'm looking forward to multiple Joss projects in sooooo long! Feels good, man.
Could Much Ado About Nothing appeal to a mass audience more than The Cabin In The Woods did and do big office numbers? Why or why not?
It's a black and white Shakespeare yarn - I guess it will be limited release. So I doubt it.
The Artist did alright.
The Artist also started out in limited release (I don't think it ever went as 'wide' as Cabin in the Woods' did but of course the Artist stayed in theaters way longer because it had Oscar nominations). I do think it is possible that 'Much Ado' will find an audience and go wider, I certainly hope so! It is the kind of movie that a lot of Independent/Art Theaters like to play. In fact I think we should seriously consider promoting it, like the way 'Sleepwalk with Me' was promoted (people calling their local Independent and/or Campus theaters and encouraging them to book the film). There was even a website put up that made it easier to find out when and where 'Sleepwalk with Me' would be showing. Of course Lionsgate probably already has a plan to get 'Much Ado' picked up by as many theaters as possible, I hope so!
embers, totally agree with you. I hope we do get some serious fan-power going behind "Much Ado" and get it seen by as many people as possible. With any luck it might even pick up a nomination or two...

I think Joss needs to dominate ALL genres (don't you?) and "Much Ado" is his chance to show that he can tackle Shakespeare with the same finesse and loving care as he did "The Avengers" or "Cabin in the Woods". He has long ago proven to "us" (the fans) what his skills are and while it's wonderful that so many have found his work and given betterlatethannever respect to him this year, we all know he is capable of even MORE! "Much Ado" will give him industry cred that doing the third highest grossing movie just doesn't offer. The studios know he's bankable and that is an awesome might to have; now it's time for the industry to see he is the legitimate artist we know he is!
Wait right there Quinn Merrick, who are you to call others 'betterlatethannever' fans, newbie? /joking>

oops, my 'joking' code didn't show up in my original post (sorry about that).

[ edited by embers on 2012-12-27 19:27 ]
LOL, touché! I may be a new member to Whedonesque but I've been reading this site for the last 6 years! (always seemed to miss the registration windows) And my Whedon-love goes all the way back to when "Buffy" was just starting it's third season (technically season 2's "Go Fish" was my first episode though, weird place to start I know). I freely admit I hadn't really tried to watch the show before that because, well, I try and forget that horrible movie but it was still stuck in my mind at the time! I've been a die-hard fan since. Haven't missed a single thing he's done yet.

And 'betterlatethannever fans' are STILL fans, not trying to take anything away from them! Happy to have them, we could use even more! Which was kinda my point, I hope "Much Ado" brings in a whole new set of people who had never given Joss a try. The more power we can give to fuel his creative genius the better. But it is pretty high-larious listening to people suddenly talking about "Firefly" like it was only cancelled last year!

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