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December 26 2012

Merry Christmas from Down In Front! As a secret, surprise gift, four filmmakers who traditionally record film commentaries provide a track for the Firefly pilot, "Serenity". Contains some adult language.

During the intro/outro portions of the commentary, they also discuss Dollhouse, Fox television ten years ago and how they were each introduced to Firefly.

Firefly...a little bubblebath of fun. Who knew. :)
What's the spoiler tag for? Besides the obvious in Serenity?
No besides. It's just that. Better to have a spoiler tag and not necessarily need it, than to need a spoiler tag and not have it. :)
Ok, so....I clicked on the top...whatever it was, with the gift-wrapped Firefly, and it was just a bunch of guys yammering. I quit after two minutes. And the time on the right kept changing - when I quit it was at 10 minutes.

I didn't try the thing on the bottom, "Yeah, we do this." Is that what we're supposed to listen to?
It's a commentary track, in podcast form. Which is, ultimately, just people yammering while watching a TV episode of a film. So, the top thing was what you were supposed to click on.
Yes, as evidenced by the description in this post. :( The "We Do This" section is merely a video version example of their podcast. They spend a few minutes talking about the subject in general, then they do a countdown for syncing purposes and then get into the commentary proper.

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