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December 26 2012

Kristen Connolly is one of Rotten Tomatoes' Breakout Stars of the Year. Her Performance in The Cabin in the Woods earns her a slot on this list.

This doesn't mean that she's going to be a huge star or anything.
It seems to be more of a "characters who were totally awesome this year that were not played by actors that were already really, really famous" list than "who is going to be a great star if tomorrow"... Either that, or they weren't very serious. Even if one believes that Emmanuelle Riva is just about to embark on a huge A-star Hollywood career... there's still the fact that they put Ted and Richard Parker on the list.
@TimeTravellingBunny, it's Chris Hemsworth that's becoming a star. Spielberg already cast him as the lead in Stevens new robot movie.
I don't actually remember who either of the female leads in Cabin were, so I can't really agree it was a "breakout performance." I liked the movie a lot, but I have only seen it once and neither of them really made an impression.

This list is lazy, though. I don't think Quvenzhane Wallis, who was 6 years old when she did Beasts of the Southern Wild, could really be considered a breakout star. Was she absolutely amazing because she was good at acting or are we all just amazed that a child could keep focus on a camera long enough to hit her marks and say lines audibly and/or coherantly?

And where is Ben Whishaw? He took on an iconic role in a blockbuster Bond movie and six different roles in Cloud Atlas. And he's on a BBC TV series. And he took time to do a tiny, ridiculously low budgeted film. Oh I'd give this peanut butter cup on my desk for a Joss Whedon/Ben Whishaw collaboration.
Hopefully every one of the frightened five of Cabin make it big. Hemsworth is already there, Connolly was great, and we all know Fran's the man. I found Jesse's character to be the weakest of the group but that might have been because he didn't have a great deal to do in comparison to the rest.
I'd really love to see Anna Hutchison (Jules) make the big time though, she played a lead in an Australian crime series that's very popular in Oz and she made an impression even back then. Time she got her dues, she always seemed so sweet in interviews. Although I think perhaps Sitterson and Hadley were working some 'pheremone mists magic' back in her 'Underbelly' days, as I'm not sure she was hired solely for her acting ability on that show. Here's hoping Connolly and Hutchison get some more recognition in the future.
@BuffyFirefly: Chris Hemsworth was already a big star, if starring as a Marvel superhero in a successful blockbuster in which he's the lead doesn't count as being a star in Hollywood, I don't know what does. The list is supposed to be about actors who only made it big this year.

Well, supposed to be - if it was a serious list, it wouldn't feature animated teddy bears and CGI tigers. Poor Suraj Sharma, he deserved better than to be mentioned as a part of a joke entry: "OMG The tiger was so awesome!... Oh, and the boy was OK, too".
Anna Hutchison is playing one of the new characters in the upcoming (final) season of "Spartacus," so she's now working for Steven S. DeKnight :)
I thought Kristen Connolly did a great job in Cabin, particularly in the glass elevator scene and the final scene with Fran.
In my opinion, Anna Hutchinson was the break out actress. It was nice to see here play different character than I saw on Underbelly (a schoolteacher turned drug kingpin's woman) and on Wild Boys (a kind of goody goody upper class frontier woman). Plus the topless scenes were greatly appreciated as well. Even though the were less prominent than in Underbelly.
Connolly's shuddering delivery of the "Do we WANT to go down?" line to Fran in the elevator is just... perfect. It actually made me answer back - giddily, emphatically: Yes. Oh god yes.

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