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December 28 2012

Franco Urru's Xander cover for the first Buffy Season 9 tpb. This special variant edition was released by Panini Comics in Germany earlier this year and was limited to 333 copies. Signed copies by the late, great Urru are available here.

Pics of Urru signing the Xander edition at FedCon can be found here.

That looks pretty damn neat. Are a lot of variant editions done with new art? I've never seen one for a TPB before, just non-Englih editions using old art.


It seems to be sold out. I wonder how quickly it will appear on ebay...

- - Edit again.

My bad, it seems to be available. I want to buy it, but I don't collect autographed comics and would only do it out of fear of never being able to afford Urru's original art again, since they will probably be rare and more valuable now.

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Doesnt appear it can be shipped to the states :(
That's an amazing cover, I wish I could've gotten it. I'm gonna miss his work.
Damn, that's much better than the US version of the 1st season 9 Buffy trade...
That's a nice cover.
So much better than his interior work.
That looks amazing.
Neat! And interesting that he did this. I got the feeling there was a certain amount of resentment.

I will miss his work.
That's a beautiful cover! RIP Franco Urru, I loved his Angel covers.

But I'm a tad confused- 1st of all, Xander hasn't figured prominently in season 9, and secondly he hasn't worn that outfit since season 8.

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