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December 28 2012

Women of Whedonverse T-shirt. Want to wear Joss's most iconic (and one borrowed) women proudly on your chest?

That came out sounding a lot...dirtier than it did in my head.

This is cool, but does Illyria look like Spider-Man to anyone else?
Just brought three (friends and all). Tell me, is that Fray on the far left?
That would be Black Widow, I'm pretty sure.
A little bit, grrarg!
Quite a few other cool Whedony designs there as well.
Good find! I think my fave is the Peanuts print though. Might just have to get me one of those. "Oh man, they sparkle now?" is also pretty good.
That would be Black Willow, I'm pretty sure.

Ah, you're right. Though she isn't so black and evil veiny there!
That Felcia Day shirt is so nice.
Ah, you're right. Though she isn't so black and evil veiny there!

I'm pretty sure it's meant to be Black Widow not Dark Willow. I think that's what the original poster was getting at when they said one of the women was "borrowed" as technically Marvel created her, not Joss ;)

It's Black Widow, Buffy, Illyria, River, Echo and Zoe.

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The lack of Penny and Dandelion does bother me a bit, they're way more Whedon than Black Widow.
Penny's not exactly an a**kicker, unless you include the power of the petition.
I'd totally love this shirt if it weren't for Ilyria being all Spiderman-y and dead centre. Still looks great though.
I'm curious about that fourth T-shirt design that says: "Why the F*ck would anything NICE ever happen?" It looks like Louie C.K., in fact I'm sure it IS Louie C.K.! So why is it in w/the Joss Whedon stuff? (I'm getting confused now).

And I agree it would have been nice to include Fray instead of Black Widow (and that is really funny thinking of her as Dark Willow!). However if you look at the Men of the Whedonverse we have the same problem: Joss didn't create Nick Fury (he almost created Phil Coulson....).
I think the Louis CK shirt is mis-tagged. IN teh thumbnail he does bear a striking resemblance to our man Joss!
Oh, shiny stuff indeed. I love the River one :)
Nope, sorry, not enough of my personal favorites on there. But it seems like a good choice for many folks.
The entire first row of 'More Work' is from the artist's portfolio. It appears he's a Louis CK fan as well as a massive Whedonverse Fan.

The second row is Joss stuff, the third row is TV stuff. Hence the things that aren't whedon related.

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I enjoy looking at T-shirts but I've developed a weird Phobia about wearing the JW related ones dating back to the Buddha/pony/rocket shirt still hanging in my closet. Because my God if I wear them they'll get worn out, what if I can't find another new one, Quelle horreur ! Back when the Largely Literary shirts were all the rage I didn't buy enough and what I have left is faded and holey--try finding one now (Abe Books you are on my hit list for jerking that Jane Austen LL shirt out of my hands); they are the Holy Grail of the 'Net. I feel the same about JW themed shirts. Ahem.
I'd probably have replaced Natasha with Fray, Dandelion, or perhaps Mag or Dana.

The Louis C.K. shirt isn't the only non-Whedony design in there. I don't think it's a tagging thing. They're just all by the same designer.
What do people think about the Men of the Whedonverse one?

I think my favorite two shirts are the Peanuts ones and Greetings from Sunnydale. I think those are the only two I'd wear in public.
The Peanuts shirt is dear and the Men of Whedonverse version can't go wrong with the Sam Jackson Avengers guest appearance; though it is interesting neither the men's or women's have any facial features but are immediately recognizable [duh, I get that's the point but they have a slight mannequin-type oddness]. Yep, Louis C.K. is in there by mistake but if you squint, he and Joss do resemble one another in the red-haired, goatee sense. Edited again to say, "Sorry bob".

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The Louis C.K. shirt is not in there by mistake. It's in there because it's by the same designer. Look closely. It's not actually in the "Buffy / Joss Whedon" category. It's in "Tom Trager's Portfolio" and "TV".
I'ma change my screen name to Mr. Cellophane ;)
@bobw1o - you just made me snort wine out of my nose. Thanks a lot :-)
Most iconic? I think these are his most iconic warrior-women, not women in general. If it were not for the lack of Willow, this would be a decent list (although Cordelia, Fred and Kaylee are not to be forgotten)
I get it. Avengers, Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse, Firefly, Serenity.
Men of the Whedonverse tee
Tonya: Not so recognizable to me, to my shame. I have a feeling legal reasons were involved. (Personally, if I could draw, I'd get in trouble dead quick.)
Would you get in trouble, I wonder, if you gave away your art for free? :=)
My guesses: Buffy, River and Zoe are unmistakable. I'm going for Illyria as the spidery one in the middle - notice the blue-tinged hair, and she did seem to have a sort of bug-like carapace to her body. That leaves the red-head and the white gal with the gun. I'm going for the gal with the gun being Echo - she's got the Dushku long black hair. At first I thought she might be Black Widow because of the gun because we do see BW using one, but there were times in the show where Echo used or could have used a gun. That leaves the redhead as Black Widow. Black Widow did have reddish hair, not quite as garish as in the poster but you work with what you got. Also notice the thingie on her wrist. Isn't Black Widow supposed to have some biolectric stinger of some sort? (I admit I haven't kept up since her Daredevil phase but I've heard something about this), and that looks like it could be exactly that.
Not one has a bullet hole or something in them..doesn't seem like Joss..

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