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December 29 2012

Whatever happened to the Metroid Movie? At one point, David Greenwalt was brought in to write the origin story of Nintendo's famous female bounty hunter.

“We liked David because he brought along a strong sensibility for a female protagonists. Obviously this was a must, with Samus being the key figure in all of this."

The Metroid series of games is great, but I do love almost anything Nintendo. Would have liked to have seen a Metroid movie but it would have been difficult to get right, and the lead actress would have to be excellent for the movie to work. Interesting that they brought Greenwalt in, though.
I have no idea how you'd make a movie out of Metroid. It's not a game series heavy on the character interaction.
I'm assuming the scripts were written before the Zero Mission Manga in 2004/2005 that contained a lot of Samus' past (and is mainly considered canon by Nintendo)? There's a good amount of official stuff out there now to base Samus on, so a movie is definitely doable (albeit difficult)
Sounds like Nintendo was the one to put the brakes on this one. Probably a good move on their part. Hollywood has never done a good job adapting video games, and Metroid isn't a particularly cinematic series so it'd be even more difficult to adapt than something like Resident Evil, for example.
Beats me - I've been waiting over 40 years for Raiders Of the Stone Rings lol.

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