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December 29 2012

Happy Birthday, Eliza Dushku! She who brought us Faith and Echo aims "to bring beautiful LIGHT and LOVE to Gulu." Grant her birthday wish?

Happy Birthday to the lovely Eliza! Love her.
Happy Birthday Eliza!
happy happy cupcake day, best wishes eliza
Happy Birthday Eliza!

After all of these years she's still one of my favourite actresses, and it still upsets me how underrated she is.
Happy Bday to Eliza, and to me. :)
Happy birthday, Eliza!
Happy Birthday Indeed, to the lovely Eliza! I hope it's a good one!
Happy Birthday, Eliza!
Happy birthday, ever-inspiring Eliza Dushku! And happy birthday to kreider204!
Happy Birthday, Eliza!
Well, Happy-Happy-Happy-Happy Birthday, lass! (It always gives me a funny feeling knowing your "0th" b-day happened over 6 months after I started my first job.)

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