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December 30 2012

Cabin in the Woods named one of the "Most Overlooked Movies of 2012". The Daily Beast calls Cabin "a bold, incredibly clever take on a well-worn genre."

I'm with the Daily Beast on this. (Actually, I daily feel like a beast, but that's probably a whole different issue.)
I'm not surprised. But I do expect it to become more of a sleeper cult classic.
"Overlooked"? From where I sit, people won't shut up about it. :) Great movie, though!
Right, I'm not sure who is overlooking it; obviously, being shelved for three years didn't help public awareness of its existence, but at my mainstay for reviews, Metacritic, it has no less than 32 positives from some of the biggest publications who review films. And I consider any film trashed by Rex Reed to be Winning in the positive Charlie Sheen-mode. But please, my brains leak out my ear a little in protest every time I read something like, "Forget the Avengers". No, I won't. I watched Thor for the first time last night on Netflix and thought The Avengers was a great companion piece. Ken Branagh and Joss ought to collaborate.
I definitely agree with Tonya! As much as I LOVE Cabin, no article has the right to just forget about The Avengers.

And in my opinion, I think Thor is the film that fits with The Avengers the best, in the sense that it really feels like Thor 1.5 at times, and I love it!

Kenneth Branagh and Joss really should collaborate, especially since they both love Shakespeare so much! Joss and Kenneth were already friends (Joss is the one who called Ken to give Chris Hemsworth another look for Thor), so I'd be thrilled if they worked on something together (preferably with Chris and Tom again, but, maybe I'm biased :P)

Anyways, yay Cabin, my fav. horror film!
I have been saying for months that Cabin in the Woods is my favorite film of the year (but I love Avengers too, I'm not rejecting Avengers!). I've seen it multiple times and I cannot imagine ever being tired of it.
Now that Joss Whedon is famous, do you think Much Ado About Nothing can attract a wider audience? Why or why not?
Joss was already famous technically. Just not famous for directing a 1.5 billion dollar film. I don't see MAAN doing huge numbers. It could do Serenity's numbers and still be considered a hit. Actually Serenity's numbers might be too much to expect.
I saw it yesterday for seventh time, on dvd... Yeah, they promised to open nationwide on spanish cinemas; it got rave reviews and spectacular audience reaction here in Sitges, so everything looked cool; then shortly before it they cancelled it and told us it would be direct to dvd only. We are still waiting for them to anounce a release date.

So from a spanish point of view it is certainly overlooked. I had to import a dvd. And it really doesnt make much sense; we got everything here, art house theaters, original version thaeters, big cinemas,small cinemas, even Serenity opened here, and that was a more dificult beast to sell.

Serenity wasnt co-written by the guy who wrote and directed THe Avengers, nor had Thor as one of the main characters... And horror movies usually got good reaction here. The reviews were good, there was some excitement and hype on the internet... Not sure what happened.

So most overlooked movie in Spain certainly.
Cabin In The Woods got bad word of mouth on Twitter.
Well its one of those movies that you either LOVE or HATE. Theres no middle ground. Everyone I dragged to the theathers liked the movie and there was only one person I know IRL who disliked it. Some people were expecting something different or saw all the online hype and like a oh-so-edgy-teenager decided to go against the grain. Thats fine. They can have their opinions. Because it did alright at the box office and was a critical success. Its not like we were on pins and needles about that sequel getting greenlighted right?
Cabin is already my favourite movie of all time, possibly even knocking Drew's Cloverfield and Empire Strikes Back off the top spot.
Avengers? Overly long and not so much. I wish Drew was getting more of the credit he's due for Cabin too.
I wish the blurbs wouldn't overlook Drew. The collaborative process brought out the best of both of them.
It's actually amusingly strange to see the film referred to so much as a Joss piece when Drew has director credit along with writing. Usually we see films being referred to as the directors work - Superman? A Richard Donner film! Jurassic Park? A Spielberg film! Empire Strikes Back? Kershner!
Now Joss is finally getting credit for things... and the usual thing seems to have gone awry there.
I'm not sure who is overlooking it
The public.

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