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December 30 2012

The Avengers was the 5th most visited article on Wikipedia this year. On the English version of the site. Here is a breakdown of the other language versions of Wikipedia's top viewed articles this year. Does anyone here read Arabic?

Unfortunately I couldn't find Joss Whedon's name on the top 100 most viewed English language articles list. Maybe he was #101?

Wow i'm quite impressed by One Direction. It's in the top 10 of almost all the major wikipedias around the world. And when it's not in the top 10, you can bet it's in the top 100.

As for Joss Whedon, you can go to his wiki page and click "view history" and then "page view statistics". It says that for the past 30 days, it's the 6542 most popular article on English wikipedia. Buffy is ranked 1393.
My niece likes One Direction. Thats all I have to say about them lol.
Some of these are baffling. Why are German speakers interested in cul-de-sacs above all else? And French speakers the holly leaf? And Vietnamese speakers--well, I won't bring that one up.
Holy moly, the German entries really reflect our TV addiction hahaha.

As for Arabic, the number one entry there is on Egypt, Avengers doesn't seem to be in the top 100 at all, but I'm new at learning the language, so I may be wrong.
No sign of the Avengers in Arabic. Turns out people looking up stuff in Arabic are generally looking up things like "syria, USA, Assad" as opposed to "one direction" and "justin bieber". Fair play to them.
Though, seem to look up more stuff about sex as well. Interesting.
These numbers don't mean anything because they might as well have been caused by bots.
In fact, the German cul-de-sac article was visited almost every day except on holidays. It's not like Germans spend their whole workday looking up culs-de-sac on Wikipedia.
Cul-de-sac = sackgasse in German = bad translation of One Direction.

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Aaah, that makes much more sense, thanks gossi!

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