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December 31 2012

The 20 top grossing movies of 2012. This time last year pundits (and fans) predicted The Avengers would do well but few would have foreseen that it would make $1.51 billion worldwide.

Just picked it up on Blu-ray today, should be a super New Year's Eve!
Hollywood Reporter needs to update this article....Skyfall has apparently earned $1B dollars in global box office as of today (December 31st) and is still climbing. Methinks the world's greatest secret agent is gonna spank the Dark Knight in box office take...and I love it!

Oh...and a hearty Kermit the Frog "Yaaayyyy!" for The Avengers, of course ;P
Wouldn't be an Avengers thread without crapping on a Nolan film in some way.
NL197 judging by your previous comments you seem to have an issue with the site. Do have the courtesy to email us about it instead of commenting on it. Thank you.
There was a moment when I knew The Avengers was going to be an epic blockbuster. It was before the release, the trailer, the filming, or even the script was written. Joss Whedon is a class act-even if it is hard to get him on the telephone. (if anyone knows how to ring him....please pass the message along!)

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