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December 31 2012

Happy New Year from Whedonesque! Things to look forward to in 2013: Much Ado About Nothing, the S.H.I.E.L.D. pilot (and hopefully a series pickup), more Buffy Season 9 comics, news about In Your Eyes and let's keep our fingers crossed for the filming of Dr Horrible 2 and Wastelanders.

Good riddance, 2012, although you at least brought us The Cabin in the Woods and The Avengers and another $100k raised by CSTS. On to 2013.

P.S. There's no link here. To the deleted blog with you! ;)
Happy New Year people!
A Happy New Year to all of you who keep Whedonesque going strong! Stay shiny!
Happy New Year Whedonites!
Frohes neues Jahr allen!
Happy New Year!
$108,000, b!X, not just $100,00. And some of us got Much Ado About Nothing this year as well. Happy New Year, Whedonesquers!
On the Whedon side of things, 2012 was pretty damn shiny methinks (personal side could have been better), so let's give a hearty three cheers to Joss, Drew and the best bunch of Ruebens a geek could ask for!!!

Yes, the Jossy bits were definitely high points of this year.
Here's to 2013!
Happy New Year everyone! All the best to you in 2013!
Happy New Year, shiny pals. Have a great 2013.

Kudos to the mods. At one point during Avengers season, you defied all rules of Internet bloggdom. You managed to keep us all on track and this most awesome place live, mostly.

You rock.
Wishing everyone a happy and productive new year. Will be waiting as always to see what in 2013 springs full-grown and armored, from the Zeus-like forehead of Joss.
any chance we will ever see goners??
oh and happy new year all! lets hope 2013 could be whedons best year yet (this year will be hard to beat)
For my own part, I completed in 2012 a Buffy/Angel re-watch, and also a Firefly marathon on the anniversary of its cancellation, so I'll ring in the new year by asking:

Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind?
Should old acquaintance be forgot,
and old lang syne?

Here's to 2013!
For New Year I invited a few fellow Browncoats to my house for a night of Firefly.

Greatest Night of my Gorram Life.

Heres to 2013 and its Whedon-y goodness.
I hope both SHIELD and Much Ado About Nothing are both success stories.
Dr. Horrible 2? Happy New Year indeed!
I am so excited for MAAN, SHIELD and the possibility of Dr. Horrible 2. And also getting more of my friends to watch Firefly. Happy new year, my fellow Whedonites!
Happy New Year, fellow Whedonites! I spent much of the last year rewatching Buffy/Angel along with Mark Watches(I know that site has been linked here before and it's well worth checking out) which was a blast. Hopefully we in Australia will be getting some kind of Whedony goodness in 2013*crosses fingers*
And a gorram happy new year to you too, you beautiful bastards!
Well, here ends 2012. A strange year, Whedon-wise. I didn't like The Avengers one bit, probably because my hopes of Joss redefining the superhero genre were too high, and I expected it o be something more than a well done action movie.
On the other hand, there was Cabin. A true masterpiece, one of the best horror comedies ever created. It was brilliant and original and everything I've come to expect from a Joss work.
Now I don't really know about 2013. With a tv show, Joss might be able to bring back the magic that wasn't in Avengers (in my opinion, of course). With more space for character development and plot twists, the Shield show might be interesting.
And then there's the elusive Dr Horrible 2, which is probably the best thing that could happen in the next couple of years except Serenity 2.
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year! Big up to all the mods for their hard work, and to our members: thank you!
Happy New Year all you wacky* wonderful Whedonites, I may not say much here but I more than kinda love this place and everyone in it.
Thanks for having a place I can visit every day and bask in all things Joss-related.
And yay, we made it thru 12/21/12, yet another Apocalypse averted!

*wacky in my world is a very good thing :-)
Happy New Year everyone!
I hope a few Whedon alumni will guest star in SHIELD.
I hope a few Whedon alumni will guest star in SHIELD.

Considering Wedon's penchant for using actors he's worked with before, I think we can count on it.
Is the plan for Buffy Season 9 and Angel & Faith to still end after 25 issues or has that since changed? Because I just realized that if they stick to that many issues and stay on schedule both series will conclude in 2013.

Happy new year everyone! Thanks to the Whedonesque mods and posters for an cool and interesting site with everything that has happened in 2012! :)
Treating myself to a Whedon DVD marathon today. Thought I'd bring in the new year right. Got Firefly going now.

Happy new year to all. Thanks for another great year, Caroline and mods. You are the best!
Happy New Year everyone!! Mine gosh, still getting everything sortied. Wee! Lets make 2013 a good one!
Happy New Year! Thank you to the mods and the members for making this a great place to hang out and often learn things I wouldn't have known (at least, until much later) otherwise and wishing everyone a Shiny 2013!
Happy New Year to everyone! Hoping that 2013 will have even bigger things in store!
Enjoying a home BtVS DVD marathon today; each time, new insights gained. Joss, you rock our world! And many thanks to Whedonesque for all the fantastic things you do, all year 'round.
Best wishes to everyone for a very SHINY and prosperous New Year...May your 2013 be 5-by-5!!!
Happy New Year, Whedonesque!
I like how you implied that there was a possibility that S.H.I.E.L.D. wouldn't be picked up. Classic!

Happy New Year, folks. May this year be free of zombie apocalypses, anything to do with Twilight, and people who talk in the theater.
Happy New Year everyone at Whedonesque! Let us hope 2013 brings us more Whedony goodness!
I sooooo want to see what Warren Ellis and Joss bring to the small screen. Wastelanders is my #1 Joss hope for the year.

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