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January 01 2013

An illustration of That Shawarma Scene by Anna Rettman. A fan's rendering of our post-battle heroes available for purchase as a print, on a hoodie/shirt or as a decal.

From society6, a website that allows artists from around the world to submit their artwork for reproduction on products. Some other pieces can be found through searching the site for 'Buffy' (as well as this personal opinion rendered as a typography exercise by Molly Bailey).

Kind of like redbubble it seems.

The same artist also made this fun print
@Skytteflickan88 - I'd never just done a keyword search at Redbubble. It definitely wins when it comes to sheer amounts of stuff for fandom like The Avengers. There's a lot of stuff to go around these days!
I'm glad you linked to this site. I see Buffy art I haven't seen elsewhere.
This is all trademarked/copyrighted material up for sale... Seems like we should remember how 11th Hour's life was damaged by trying to sell stuff via Cafe Press.

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