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January 01 2013

Japanese poster for The Cabin in the Woods. The movie will be out in Japan on March 9th.

I like Hadley and Sitterson in an elevator.
Gives the game away a bit, doesn't it?

Have to admit though, it does looks pretty.
How is that not a spoiler?(I mean for them, not for whedon-folk)

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Looks great. Also, hey spoilers.
I love movie posters though I don't collect them anymore. The Japanese version is very revealing but also very, very cool. Of all the posters available to look at on the page, the first three red ones with the catch phrases are really funny. I also like the upside down cabin at the far right.
I would like to know if they enjoy the Japanese mentions/scenes. I imagine it's both flattering and maybe annoying. I had a hard time figuring out the Stockholm scene though, what it was suppose to be.
The whole deal with this movie is that you shouldn't spoil it and then they spoil it. Dumbest cover idea ever.
I suspect there is something in the translation and/or cultural treatment of the horror genre that explains why the local promoters wanted or felt they needed a poster like this. Having not spent any time in Japan I can't speak directly to what those reasons are, but I'm almost certain the 'you think you know the story' presentation used in the Western world would fail miserably given that 'kids in the woods" may be neither a common real-life occurance nor (I'm making an assumption here) a recurring horror trope the way Joss and Drew treat it as in order to make Cabin work.

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What is with the ballerina? Was that something in the film that I forgot, or is it like the llama in the Serenity poster?
BrewBunny the ballerina was there, and was awesome. And personally I like the poster, it is more confusing the spoilery: it tells the viewer there is a lot more there than the cabin in the woods, but really the opening of the movie tells you that too. I don't think I would have been spoiled by this poster, if I saw it before seeing the movie, but I would have found it intriguing (it is kind of like the DVD cover in a way).
Thanks for the friendly reminder, embers. Having now Googled that image again, I realize that it wasn't forgetfulness - it was my brain suppressing THE CREEPIEST THING EVER!!!

*shivers and scurries off to look for cute puppy pictures*
See also the Japanese trailer ... where at 1:22 we see Kiko's spirit living in the happy frog!
It is true, the Creepiest Thing Ever is (in my vocabulary) all kinds of awesome! I was stunned at the levels of creepy Joss and Drew reached with CitW (it is why I never get sick of rewatching it). I hope it is successful in Japan.
as a person who fully enjoys spoilers, my first thought on this was "wow! that is spoilerific!" but, then i tried to look at it as a person who's never seen the film...nope. still would have no idea what was going on. therefore, spoiler free. it's also quite pretty.
Interesting that they appear to be calling it just "Cabin".
They do appear to give away too much with that poster. But then....I feel I already knew too much going in anyway. So I had to appreciate the exectution of the idea rather than the idea itself. It's about How, When, and Why everything unfolds the way it does?

Anyway, cool poster!
Reminds me how I wish we had better quality versions of the earlier red/black posters. The ones that are out there don't stand up to printing well. Would be kinda cool to have poster sized in a "Revenge of the Jedi" poster way...
It doesn't really spoil anything more than 'there is something weird and sciencey going on underneath this cabin in the woods.' Which is the same conclusion you'd come to within 5-10 minutes of watching the film (I can't remember exactly when the Amy Acker scene happens that turns Bradley and Sitterson from office drones into people clearly involved in whatever this plan is. But when that one happens). The only other effect will be that the boxes scene won't seem as cool because it already looks familiar.

Honestly, I think it's a pretty cool poster and treads a reasonable line between spoiling enough to attract the right audience and not spoiling so much as to... well, spoil their enjoyment.
I like the Escher-style one. Very cool.
Personally, anyone that is a regular to this webpage, and hasn't seen CITW needs to hang their head in shame and turn in their membership card. Just saying...
Well, it didn't get released in various countries, and there's a whole bunch of people who don't like horror. So there be reasons not to see it.
Have to agree with katsadako, love the Escher one.
There should be a spoiler warning in this post. The poster shows too much.
I disagree. It's a poster. You see them everywhere. You especially see them at the theater. And I know that when I see cool posters at the movies I don't say "well, damn, now it's ruined for me". I say, "that's bitchin', can't wait to see that movie".
I agree, madmolly, on the other hand I've seen some movie previews that I've felt have given away the whole plot (not for CitW but for other films)!
What Gossi said.
So I'm a little late to this, but I just watched Cabin in the Woods on TV yesterday for the first time and felt that I wanted to say I don't think the poster here really gives any of the plot away, it even sort of misleads you. Really all the poster shows is that there's more to the movie than just a normal slasher movie which from what I've seen is kind of the thing they sell the movie on, the back of the DVD case talks about it, the cover especially the one with the two different looks depending on how you look at it(I forget the name), and even in the movie they let you know right away it isn't normal. I don't think the poster gives as much away as you might think.

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