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January 01 2013

Joss In June - an academic conference. The deadline for proposals for this conference in North Carolina has been extended to February 15th.

Is he going to show up at this conference.
Extremely doubtful.
You may be thinking of conventions rather than conferences (with the "Joss" part of the name, I think they were just going for alliteration). These kinds of academic conferences aren't really about trying to get Joss/cast and crew to show up (although of course, if he did happen to show up, everyone in attendance would keel over from too much Dance of Joy!). Instead, they're about Whedon fans and scholars getting together and discussing Our Master's works from an academic standpoint. There will be a series of panels throughout the day, and on each panel, 3-4 people will give 20 min lectures about some aspect of Whedon's works, with time for audience members to ask questions, start discussions, etc.

I will be attending. I'm co-presenting a paper called “From Helping the Helpless to (Ab)Using Privilege: Feminism, Dead White Guys and the Cautionary Tale of Angel."

The Whedon studies community strives to be supportive and welcoming. If you've always wanted to attend an academic conference, but have been scared to because you're harboring a fear of snootiness, pretentiousness, professors like the one who yells at Buffy in "The Freshman" 4.1, or any of the other nasties rumored to come with academia, ATTEND THIS ONE!

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Living in the Triangle and not have transportation for something like this is a little painful.
Can ANYONE go to one of these?
Hello, everyone! I'm a co-convener of Joss In June and it's shaping up to be a great conference. And yes, anyone and everyone is welcome to attend. The registration fee for presenters and non-presenters alike is US $40, which includes a catered lunch and coffee & snacks during the day. To register for the conference and to book a hotel at a special conference rate check out the conference website at If you have any questions, our contact info is also on the site - and we'd love to hear from you.

Like I said this is shaping up to be a great conference, and some of the most respected names in academic Whedon studies will be attending, including our keynote speaker and "The Mother of Buffy Studies" her own bad self, Dr. Rhonda V. Wilcox!

Hope to see you in June!

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I know it's early for a time table, any rough idea what time it would be starting and ending? I'm in the triad, 2 hours-ish drive, just wondering how feasible it might be for a day trip.
Hi, PerplexedSquirrel! I'm the other co-covener of Joss in June. We originally planned this as a day conference and have been pleasantly surprised at the distances people are willing to travel. We plan on having check-in beginning at 8, with panels beginning at 9. We'll run morning sessions, break for lunch, then run afternoon sessions and wrap up with a keynote address by Rhonda V. Wilcox (who's practically a god in the area of Whedon studies, but not a vengeful hellgod like Glory) late afternoon. The timetable isn't totally set yet, but that should give you a starting point. Again, please direct questions to us through the conference Website - we'd love to hear from you!
Perplexed Squirrel... I'm just north of Winston Salem and was thinking day trip as well. Maybe a car pool would help defray gas costs?

You (or anyone in this area) can email me at ebeep99 at yahoo dot com if you are interested in traveling together for just the day. FYI, I'm offline some nights/weekends so be patient for a response.


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