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February 21 2004

(SPOILER) A letter from Joss Whedon on The WB site in regards to the "A Hole in the World" episode which he wrote and directed. Tis very Joss.

This episode sounds great! Great, but very painful. Joss obviously has a lot of love and respect for his cast. This show really can not end in just 8 episodes. There is so much more to tell! How is the campaign going? Are there any signs that Joss is going to put a proposal to another network? I sure hope so!
Hands up who agrees with Joss that Fred's at the centre of team Angel?
You know, after thinking about it, and especially if Xander got to be the 'heart' of the Scoobies, I think I agree that Fred is the heart of the team. Everyone loves her in one way or another. Even puppet Angel! And let's face it, who else on the show could get Angel and Spike to hold handsies?
Since Cordy is gone, I too can agree that Fred is the heart of our Fang Gang. happy to hear from if we can only hear something on the progress of possibly pitching the series to another network.

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I agree that Fred is the heart of the team at this point. And I'm touched by Joss' love and devotion to his remarkable cast (and overjoyed that Amy Acker gets a chance to truly shine)... but for the love of God man, lighten up on the "love equals pain" schtick. I realize he's speaking about the potential for drama that it creates, but for 8 years now I've had Joss drill into my head that there are no happy endings. Hell to hear him tell it there are no happy beginnings or middles either. Love leads only to pain and suffering and misery and blackness and death and hellish torment...

Must be a picnic being married to the guy.
Yes! More Wes! More Fred! More Wes/Fred! More Spike/Angel!

Ahem, sorry. I just got really excited for a minute. I can't wait for next week. One thing I love about Joss' shows are the mix of love, beauty and pain. I certainly don't want to see Fred in peril but I do want to see the passion the characters convey when they are fighting for the safety of one of their own.

I am hoping though that Joss will allow at least one couple to remain happy. I want the series to end (if god forbid it actually does end this season) with SOMEONE being happy. I'm hoping Joss will break his rule with that one. And I'm hoping he'll use Wes and Fred as an example. But anyway...I'm still going to love this episode no matter what.

Bring it on!

Dumb old fairy tales and their happily ever afters.
Oh I definitely think Fred is the heart of the group. Angel got so upset when Wesley put her in danger. She's the only person (other than Buffy) that Spike has truly opened up to. Even Harmony feels "close" to Fred. Fred is just pure sweet and you can't help but love her. And of course both Wesley and Gunn have strong feelings for her that I don't even need to mention. Can't wait for this episode but at the same time I hate that it brings us one show closer to the possible end of Angel.
i wish i was as smart as him.
I wish I was his wife.
I wish I was as rich as him!!
I wish I was as funny.
"The way is clear,
The light is good,
I have no fear,
Nor no one should.
The woods are just trees,
The trees are just wood..."

*ahem* sorry
I wish I was as close to David Boreanaz as he is!!! HeHe...maybe closer than that!!! :)
I wish I had his temperment ..... wait ..... I do .... cause I had the same reaction to the news....


Yeah it's true, Fred is the one thing everyone agrees on. As Joss said, even Spike. Like with Joyce, Spike always remembers those few who are nice to him and give him the benefit of the doubt. Should be a great ep.

With the ole' Joss heartbreak in it.
Boy, I really got to thank him and respect him for that disclaimer. He scares me some times, I must admit with all the pain, pain, effort unrewarded, love futile and it really helps to have him submit a disclaimer.

It almost brought tears to my eyes at the thought that maybe he might not be crazy after all and understands that he plays kinda rough and it may not be for everyone all the time. It seemed like there was a warning for the tender hearted and a kinda permission to not watch if it's too heavy. I really, really gotta respect that. I might not be able to watch this ep for a while...and I really appreciate the fair warning.
I think it's so wonderful that Joss takes the time to always exclude Cordelia--and in turn, Charisma Carpenter--from these lists of his great characters and actors. Cordelia was the heart of the team, and Fred is a poor replacement. I mean, is it too much to ask that Cordelia's death be mentioned in following episodes? Who knows what inner workings/squabblings got CC kicked off, but from the public face Joss is putting on, it seems that he has zero regard for Cordelia, Carpenter, and the fans who truly cared about this character.
If Joss had "zero regard" for Cordelia and Charisma he wouldn't have bothered to make You're Welcome. I, too, wish that her character had been mentioned since her death but as far as I'm concerned that episode was a great love letter to the character. Charisma said so herself in various interviews.

As for his not listing Charisma's name in his letter about A Hole in the World, she's not in the episode and she's no longer on the show.
I agree with you mel!
I agree with phlebotinin. It would have been strange and nonsensical to mention Cordelia in a letter about making an episode that doesn't have Cordelia in it. "This episode really shows us a new side to Cordelia... wait, no it doesn't..."
So should Joss start out every letter with how much he does appreciate Cordy/Charisma and her fans even if what he's writing has nothing to do with her? Well, oh... okay, but it might make the prologue to the X-Men look kinda funny!
The point of the letter is to promote the next episode. What possible reason would there be for Joss or anybody else to promote CC on the WB website for an episode she doesn't appear in?

That Joss, what an insensitive clod!

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Thanks for posting that Simon.

I noticed he also left out phlebotinin, who, like Charisma, also has nothing to do with this episode. In fact, it looks to me like he made a concerted effort to do so. I think that's extremely thoughtless. You're right punkinpuss, what an insensitive clod!
I'm with phlebotinin on this one too. The "Your Welcome" episode was a wonderful tribute to Cordy and for CC and that was rewarding enough. Should he also mention every character he's killed off when writing one of these letters?

I'm just pleased to know that he cares enough and respects the fans enough to even write letters to us. Thank you Joss Whedon for being such a great guy!
He also forgot to mention Jesse in his letter. I can't believe it!
Yeah, I'm with phlebotin, Punkinpus and Invisible green, and belwessels.....uhm..... you get the idea

Anyway, 'You're welcome' was one big ode to Charisma and her character. We didn't complain he didn't write a letter saying how great Connor was for that episode either, did we. Because that ep was for Cordy. Well, this one is for Fred. And I think Fred's great.

Btw, lalaa: 'Well, oh... okay, but it might make the prologue to the X-Men look kinda funny! '


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