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January 03 2013

Christos Gage to pen Thor and Iron Man "Marvel Cinematic Universe" comics. Christos Gage, writer of Angel and Faith and Willow, is writing a Thor comic that bridges the first Thor film and Thor: The Dark World. Additionally, he is writing a comic that bridges together Iron Man 2 leading up to Iron Man 3. More after the cut.

Both titles will be a two issue mini series.
Christos promises the Thor title to be "very character focused". There's a preview page of the art featuring Loki.

The first Iron Man issue was released on January 2nd, and the first Thor issue comes out on January 16th.

So, my fandoms are colliding!!! :D

My fav. comic book writer to write Marvel Cinematic Universe comics... And I also happen to be obsessed with the Thor film...

The first great news of the new year! :D
FangedFourLover, I'm right there with you...

Excuse me while I go stare at a photo of Chris Hemsworth.
Wanna be happy BUT I want to keep Christos Gage for the Buffy part of Whedonverse. I don't want to share him anymore then I already do.

@hann23, he recently tweeted someone that he's sticking around the Buffyverse. Also, these are just two issues. He's been with Marvel for a while.
I don't know much about the Thor comic world but I do know that Hemsworth's performance (not to mention Hopkins' and Hiddleston's) in Branagh's film has made me far more interested in reading one, so I look forward to seeing how Thor continues to mature. He wasn't among the humans to learn his lesson for very long in the film, but those gods, they are ahead of the curve on everything.
I'M HAPPY!!! More Loki!

Move over S.H.I.E.L.D. show, you're no longer on top of the list of the Whedon things I look forward to the most.

I vaugelly recall reading a Nick Fury comic set before the Avengers. Anyone know if that's it, comic wise, for tie ins for the movies?


Oh, it's a adaptation, not a new story.

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He isn't writing Willow - that's Jeff Parker (who also writes Dark Avengers).

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Ok, apparently he is co-writing Willow after all.

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