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January 03 2013

Pajiba ranks 10 most rewatchable films of 2012 which include The Avengers and The Cabin in the Woods.

Well that was a nice surprise. Having not realy looked at the category I didn't know if to expect to see the avengers of Cabin in the woods.
I did enjoy the rewatch of Cabin more. I always do with horror films, as the forst time I spend half the time thinking that I should look away.
I liked The Avengers, but I fail to see how it's in any way more mature and complex than Buffy, which seems to be the implication of the write-up. Apologies if I'm just being too defensive about my favorite show.
I don't like Pajiba's writers type of humor. They sound like trolls most of the time and their titles appeal to the lowest instincts of the crowd, such as these ones :
"Even Summer Glau, Terminator and Show-Killer, Couldn't Put The "Big Bang Theory" Out Of Its Misery" or
"I Doubt Your Fantasies About Summer Glau As An Elf Were Ever This Wholesome"
They obviously haven't seen Buffy in awhile...
That comment really irked me. But yay Cabin and Avengers. I can't argue there :)
I cannot believe they did not include Silver Linings Playbook.
I agree with all of these except Wreck-It Ralph, which I just found to be lazy and derivative. But there are a couple on here I've already watched 3 times.
There is some very good writing in those film descriptions at the linked page that make me actually want to see some which I wasn't previously very interested in. I thought in particular The Avengers piece was thoughtfully written.

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Well, I agree with what Pajiba thinks about "Help for the Holidays". Another rewrite where the kids catch on to Glau the elf and all of them help out Mom and Dad's real attutudes towards Christmas would have helped. Glau was good. However, I did like "Wreck-It Ralph" not only because of the title character but the Calhoun-Fix It Felix love story that was better than most flesh and blood romcoms

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