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January 04 2013

Peter David in need of financial assistance after stroke. Peter David who, among many other things, wrote the Spike: Old Times and Spike vs. Dracula comics at IDW, suffered a stroke on December 30th and as the medical bills begin to pile up he and his wife are asking for help.

That's horrible. You'd think Marvel would have better insurance... although I guess he is technically a freelance writer. Still, I hope they make a big gift to help, or make a deal not to take money from his books for awhile, and send the sales their way. He's been such an institution.

Peter David also did a novelization of Joss's Astonishing X-Men: Gifted storyline recently. It's on Amazon here for those who want to help and also get something Joss-y out of it. His wife seems to indicate Marvel products will help a little more than IDW:

Personally, I think it's time for me to get into those X-Factor trades I've been meaning to forever.

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His site isn't working :(
He's also posted at Whedonesque because his comic book "Fallen Angel" had Illyria guest on it (an historical Buffyverse first).

He comes over as a really nice guy and he is a very good writer, I hope he recovers quickly.
Hopefully his site is down due to lots of folks trying to find out how to help. The short version is that the quickest way to help is to buy his recent books from Amazon, B&N, etc. I think they're mostly in e-book format, but the Davids get maximum royalties with maximum speed from those sales. Mrs. David also wrote that buying Peter's Marvel work also insures healthy royalties for them, although those will apparently take longer to be disbursed. The main thing is to buy the stuff that's still in print.
His site's been crashing a lot from all the well-wishers.

In short:
Buying his books from Crazy 8 Press helps the most. (It's a self-publishing conglomerate set up by a few writers together, and the money gets filtered back to Peter David himself the fastest.)

After that, buying his Marvel work is apparently next best--and take it from me, you can't go wrong buying X-Factor.
Peter David's been an industry journeyman for ages, and done great work throughout -- I first encountered him as a writer for Babylon 5, but he's also a notable author of Star Trek books. Best of fortune to him!
Crazy8 is crashing too. Just so people know the titles of the best buys and can go to Amazon and Barnes and Noble, they are Pulling Up Stakes (Part 1 and 2), The Camelot Papers, and The Hidden Earth Chronicles books--Darkness of the Light and the Height of the Depths--the first two in what will be a trilogy.

Also as far as Marvel/Joss, he has an Avengers movie tie-in comic collection called "The Road to the Avengers."
Peter David is personally responsible for me finding Buffy and subsequently the 'Verse and Whedonesque. One of his bi-monthly columns in Comic Buyers Guide, But I Digress, talked about the amazingness of BtVS. It convinced me to give it a shot and before I knew it I was hooked.

He's a super nice guy and I wish him a speedy recovery.
I bought a couple of the Vampire books (Pulling Up Stakes?)...they seem interesting...and it's Peter David for god's sake...we can't go wrong!

He has been a perennial favorite and has been responsible for some of my own can't do without's in genre fiction. His X-Factor run has been (and continues to be) legendary. He has also penned some of the finest Star Trek novels to date...his series of original novels "New Frontier" has set the ground work for some of the great Trek novels being written today...and it's a close contender for best Star Trek series for me...(DS9 beats it...but only because it's live!).

Here's hoping that he's on the fast track to a healthy recovery.
I came over here to link to this myself, if it hadn't been already; good swiftness getting the word out, EFGuffey!

PAD's website is accessible again now. It sounds as though you can order physical copies of the novels if you prefer; I'll confirm this later when I make my order.

People have already hit on most of Mr. David's Whedon-related items - IDW's Spotlight: Illyria issue and the Avengers graphic novel packed in with Walmart's exclusive DVD/comic edition of "Marvel's The Avengers" are all else that comes to mind. [And that particular Avengers comic is more a taste of early comic-verse Avengers than Cinematic tie-in.] But he's an author I've enjoyed for decades, from his legendary twelve year run on The Incredible Hulk to his Apropos series of fantasy novels (and I'm usually more of an SF man, novel-wise). And I'll chime in on the X-Factor love, too; certainly one of the best books I currently read. Anyone willing to try a comic about some of the other mutants in the Marvel universe - ex-X-Men and other B-List X-characters who've been developed greatly by PAD - filled with humor mixed with sudden twists of shock, horror, and darkness should really give this series a try.

All hopes that his progress continues as swiftly and positively as possible.
As Simon pointed out he wrote Illyria in his Fallen Angel series. Fallen Angel itself is fantastic, but Peter David's Illyria is one the the finest comic adaptations of any of our beloved on screen Whedon characters.

I definitely recommend the whole series, but the 4 issues featuring Illyria are a MUST.
He is a great fan of Joss and has also written many, many great stories, Jossy and otherwise. He had a great run in comics, for example, writing some of the most important Hulk stories and some terrific X-Factor. He also wrote a great book on how to write comics. I met him at comic-con 2007. He had lost his backpack. A very human, hardworking guy, with a wonderful imagination. I hope he recovers quickly.
I started off a fan of Fallen Angel and was absolutely ecstatic when I saw the Illyria mini series (which to date is the next to last thing he has done with the series - so if you get the Fallen Angel Omnibuses it ends the third volume - well, Volume 2, since they label them Volume 0, which collects the DC stuff, and then Volumes 1 and 2, which collects all of his stuff except the most recent miniseries, which features the return of the son, which might even be the name of it). The whole notion of a fallen guardian angel and a "fallen" hell goddess teaming up was just irresistible. I hope he has a speedy recovery and gets to have a sequel to those two getting together.
I'm more than happy to help, specially since that help involves buying his brilliant writing. I had no idea he wrote novels.
I've read a very good original werewolf novel by Mr. David, but he was always my favourite Star Trek novelist. So sorry to hear he's not well. He's always seemed like a good guy (first met him at Shore Leave, the same weekend I met James Marsters.)
He wrote IDW's Spike vs Dracula, which I really enjoyed.

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