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January 04 2013

io9 retro reviews Titan A.E.. Meredith Woerner's article is called "Why Titan A.E. is an Underappreciated Masterpiece" And who's to argue?

I love Titan AE, the sequence in the ice field is beautiful!
Anyone know how much of Joss' work actually made it into the finished film? I know he's joked about it in the past but have never heard anything definitive.
Joss's style is all over this film. The guard scene was definitely his, and the directors commentary pays complement to his dialogue.
While Joss's flavor is all over the film, there is also a bit of "pulled back" or "dilution" of what I would normally expect from him. (Not to say that I don't enjoy the hell out of Titan A.E.!!) I've never heard just how much is him and how much got changed but it is felt throughout in my opinion. No one scene seems completely Joss nor does any one scene seem completely UNlike him. Which is why the film still really works and doesn't feel unbalanced.
Let's also note how much the film plays like a proto-Firefly. The character voiced by Bill Pullman has a certain Mal quality and kind of even dresses like him.

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