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January 04 2013

Science Channel put Firefly deleted scenes online. The Science Channel has released three deleted scenes (from the DVD) that aired during the special in November - one of them reveals that River wanted to marry her brother!

Those are all on the DVD and Blu-Ray sets.
Seriously, what kind of a lousy excuse for a Browncoat wrote that post?
Although this is really old news, I still wish they would've kept that scene in.
I did - *somehow* I missed those extras on the 3 copies of the series I own (never much of an extras guy) and knee jerked them up when my search didn't reveal anything similar (I did at least search first). It's 1AM. I obviously need sleep. Delete it.
OH River no.... not your brother... Thats an entirely different kinda crazy
I guess a lot of other fans don't watch and rewatch all the DVD extras as obsessively as I do.
Sathena99, that seems like a bit of an overreaction. Fine, maybe it's material that was already available but not everyone who has seen the series owns the dvds or blu-rays. The scenes are probably available a youtube, but so what? There's no need to get so derogatory.
One of the things I've always liked about Whedonesque is the lack of arguments and insults. Let's keep it that way.
I myself own the Firefly DVDs but had never seen these deleted scenes until I watched the Browncoats Unite special a couple of months ago, so I'm sure there are others who would welcome seeing them for the first time too.

Another likeable aspect of Whedonesque is that it isn't just for devoted Browncoats or hardcore Buffy fans, but a more general Whedon fanbase. That keeps it fresh and interesting for me.

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I have to admit. I've owned the Firefly DVD sets since they came out and forgot all about these deleted scenes.
I don't remember seeing these scenes during the Browncoats Unite special. I still have it on the DVR and just went through it again. There are no deleted scenes in the special, just scenes from complete/aired episodes.
Luc, I'm glad you posted the link, I've never seen the deleted scenes.
Well, aside from being flabbergasted by the idea that someone could own the DVDs or Blu-Rays and NOT watch the special features (I mean, really? At the very least and especially the deleted scenes!) I don't remember the initial airing, or any of the subsequent airings for that matter, showing these clips either. In the "Browncoats Unite" program itself or during commercial breaks or even during the marathon of episodes they aired right before the special. Weird.
From what I can tell the Science Channel put these clips online back in November so I tweaked the link slightly.

Seriously, what kind of a lousy excuse for a Browncoat wrote that post?

Don't be rude. That was completely uncalled for.

And I refer people to this 2003 interview with Tim Minear in regards to the River/Simon thing.

Well, aside from being flabbergasted by the idea that someone could own the DVDs or Blu-Rays and NOT watch the special features

I've not really watched any of the extras on the Whedonverse DVDs. Or listened to any of the commentaries.
I do obsessively watch all the extras on the DVDs but that scene never ceases to make my day. Oh I wish they had kept it in !!
I tend to not watch deleted scenes, as they're usually deleted for a reason. Hipster me!
I knew those scenes but haven't watched them in a while.

But I surely didn't know this interview!!
And I refer people to this 2003 interview with Tim Minear in regards to the River/Simon thing.

So thank you Simon!
gossi: I tend to not watch deleted scenes, as they're usually deleted for a reason. Hipster me!

Yes, but that reason isn't always that it sucked - stuff is often snipped, as you know, because an episode is running long, or they've tweaked the story just a bit in post, etc. I often find they enrich my understanding of the characters, or are just fun - often when cutting for length they have to lose favorite bits, just because they may lift out with less overall damage than other scenes.

They are usually well worth watching, especially on Joss DVDs. Anyway, I'm fairly certain that Joss would ensure that something truly sucky, if it even made it to shooting, would never see its way onto a DVD: he needs to protect himself & his peeps.
It would be nice, in the future, and if the possibility exists for Joss and co to re-release the Firefly episodes in a directors cut sort of fashion. I personally really enjoyed the Simon/River scene and it would have slotted in well with the rest of the episode. I believe that particular scene was cut due to time restraints rather than quality. The original opening scene for the pilot would have made a nice prologue to 'The Message' in my opinion. But thats just an idea. I have no idea how much exists in the archives that would warrant a re-release of sorts.
The Firefly commentaries are such a blast! I can't help but laugh when Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk spontaneously launch into the theme song during "War Stories".
I've not really watched any of the extras on the Whedonverse DVDs. Or listened to any of the commentaries.

Really? Wow. Huh. Didn't think I was a weirdo for rewatching special features and listening to commentaries several times but apparently I AM in the minority here. That's alright, I'm used to it. lol BUT seriously guys (and gals) you need to check this stuff out! You have wonderful bits of Joss goodness just sitting there on your shelves! I mean, do you even realize you have Adam Baldwin singing the 'Hero of Canton' on one of your "Firefly" discs? Or, the depths to which Joss talks about not only his writing of the episode but his journey into writing and philosophy on life on the "Objects in Space" commentary? And that's just the "Firefly" DVDs/Blu-Rays!! Man oh man, I can't recommend the special features and commentaries enough! Please, to anyone who hasn't, do yourself a favor and watch this content, I know you'll be happy you did!
Thank you for posting this Luc!I came late to the Firefly party, for whatever reason I've been stuck on an endless loop of Buffy, Angel and Dollhouse and while I own the DVD I haven't yet seen all the extras.
I guess I'm not a Browncoat but more of a Tancoat, thanks to you perhaps my coat will turn a darker shade of Tan ;)

Also thanks for the link Simon!
One of the reasons I adore this site and come here at least twice a day is I am always learning something new, so thank you to everyone who posts here! <3
I believe that particular scene was cut due to time restraints rather than quality.

That is my recollection as well, going by the episode commentary. And the same goes for River's subsequent Crowning Moment of 'I Told You So' that comes right after Wash's 'Some people juggle geese...' line, which had to go as well since it had lost its context.
I really agree, Quinn Merrick, Joss gives great commentary all the time (insightful, funny and informative), but there are several of his commentaries over the years which are really amazing. I would say that the commentary to 'Objects in Space' is his best (with so much about what it means to be an existentialist), and his commentaries for 'The Body' and 'Restless' are right up there! I have always been amazed at the number of people who never watch DVD extras (maybe they saw too many boring/bad ones? Like boring hours to LotR?), I get really frustrated by those who enjoyed 'Doctor Horrible's Sing Along Blog' but never bothered with the musical commentary (which I think is actually better than the original musical).

Oh well, you can lead a fan to brilliant DVD extras, but you can't force them to watch!
Thanks for this! I just realized I own the DVDs, never saw these extras because as soon as I was done marathoning the series, I loaned it to my friend. MONTHS AGO. Baby needs to come home!
These scenes were amazing. I love what the captain said to saffron about standing up for ones self, very inspiring, but then joss is very often inspiring. River wanting to marry her bro?! lol, weird, but i think its there for a reason...not sure why yet. Will have to watch them all again, a second, and third time. Firefly was incredible, so was Serenity.
I am shocked how some of you/us are not devouring every single piece of extra material (especially the commentaries!) there is for one of Joss' shows. The new commentary was reason enough for me to buy the Firefly BluRay rerelease. I would do it again if they added more!

It's like having another meta-series about the work in general. People, you're missing out! :)

PS: I absolutely agree with the praise for the Objects in Space, Restless and The Body commentaries and would like to add the Innocence, Ghost and Out of Gas (that's Tim but that doesn't detract from the greatness of the commentary) tracks as well!

PPS: How anyone could own the Dr. Horrible DVD/BR and not listen to Commentary! The Musical is absolutely beyond me. :)
Well, personally, I don't watch commentaries because I want to watch the episode, not listen to someone sitting in a studio watching the episode (or movie, as the case may be) and saying "Ok. And here you can just tell he's thinking 'Does my ass look big in these pants?' because of the way he keeps twisting to look at his backside in the mirror." Really? I had no idea! Here I thought he was afraid he'd sat in chocolate!

I did listen to the commentaries for Stephen King's The Stand, and found it mildly annoying. But, that's just me. I don't feel it makes me any "less" of a fan because I haven't watched commentaries. (Do you watch, or listen? You're watching the episode, but mostly w/out dialogue, and someone else is talking.) Usually when I'm watching the series (Whichever one it is) I want to watch all the episodes in order, in a row. I might check out the deleted scenes and/or outtakes, but only after I'm done. Or I might put in the DVD extras & watch just those, like I did recently for the theatrical release of Lord of the Rings - all DVD extras for each movie. And now I'm going back and watching the movies. And I'm reading "The Making of the Movie Trilogy," so this time I'm trying to pay more attention to background details.

TL;DR so long story short: I don't appreciate being told I'm "not a fan" because my personal taste is not to watch commentaries. It's up to me, ultimately, what I watch or don't watch. I wasn't aware there were rules that determine how much a fan you are for a particular franchise.
Imo it just boils down to what aspect of a show you find to be the most interesting. If you are especially into the writing or production process than it makes sense that things like production/talent commentaries are going to appeal to you. If - however - it's specifically the end product that tickles your fancy, than you're probably better off not knowing too much about the things you weren't meant to see.
Great to see these again. It's been years since I've last seen these scenes. Reminds me a little of a dream I once had in which a shoddy, grainy, partially shot episode of Firefly surfaced on the Internet. This dream felt very real. I remember a little later I was about to enthusiastically tell my brother and some friends of this great new Firefly episode that had made its way onto the web and only realized just before doing so (when I was trying to remember how I found out about it and how they should go about to find it) that it had just been a dream.

I tend to skip over most DVD extras as I've encountered too many of low quality. But the Whedonverse ones tend to be excellent. The Dr. Horrible ones probably are the best I've ever encountered and I don't think I know anyone better at commentary than Joss.

I don't remember too many deleted scenes from Joss' other shows. About the few that come to mind - the one with the Cordelia sitcom and the dream ballet sequence from Waiting in the Wings - I remember thinking they were fun, but understandably cut. These I like a lot better, but that's probably because with Firefly every moment feels that much more precious.

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I think what I find most odd about someone not caring for commentaries/extras is when they don't even bother checking them out and then turning them off if they deem them not interesting. I mean if you have a DVD set then these are things available to you and in the case of Joss' shows, they are things that are usually done by a lot of the people you like who tend to be clever and funny in the same way the end product is. So why not at least try them out?

What I'm saying is, ultimately, sample it before you deem it not worth your time. Not all audio commentaries are bore-fests full of "oh remember the food truck that day? so delicious!" anecdotes and passing judgment on all other commentaries based off of that is just as crazy as thinking a show about horses and spaceships with a hooker who has higher social standing than most of the crew while there is a girl in a box hidden in the cargo bay could be anything but terrible. :)

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Speaking of extra-content, how much extra stuff does the Blu-Ray of Firefly have compared to the DVD?

But yeah, I don't understand not even looking at the extra content, I know some extra-content sucks but not even trying them is kind of sad.
The BluRay set of Firefly has an all-new roundtable dinner with Joss, Ron, Alan and Nathan (goes on for about half-an-hour) and a brand new audio commentary for Our Mrs. Reynolds with the aforementioned bunch. Otherwise, same content.

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Just as a random note, I really, really enjoy commentaries where the cast, writers, whoever, just kick back, laugh and talk about whatever. As long its spoken with passion and sense of fun, I'm all for that. I find specific actual commentary-commentary less interesting, even if I'm a fan of writing, directing and such. As someone said, what those types of extras give me I can mostly get from analysing the end-product myself. I like the extras to give me what I can't get elsewhere, like Commentary! The Musical.
Plus, Whedon's brought back lots of people from his shows to work with him... but he's either not interested with putting up with SMG again or she refuses to participate.

SMG had a cameo in Dr. Horrible
Yikes, wrong thread =/

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