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January 05 2013

Men's Health names 100 hottest women of 2013: Whedonverse actresses weren't forgotten. Cobie Smulders is 92nd, Morena Baccarin 71st, Julie Benz 44th. Two of ours make it to the Top 10: Scarlett Johansson is 6th and Firefly's Saffron, Christina Hendricks, is 3rd.

But 2013 just started.
@eddy that's what the website says, dunno why.
I guess it's like a yearbook or almanac or the Playmate of the Year; the 2013 edition is about stuff that happened in 2012.
Does Scarlett Johansson really count as Whedon actress now?
She starred in a film written and directed by Joss Whedon, so I'd say she does.
And Amy Adams as well, Cousin Beth. #84.
I was about to add Amy Adams too, but Dana5140 beat me to it. I wouldn't mind seeing her work with Joss again either...

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