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January 05 2013

Screenwriter Todd Alcott on the structural virtues of The Avengers screenplay. Part 1 of a 17 part(!) appreciation of Joss' work as "a startling model of precision, density and propulsive narrative".

Parts 9-17 are still linked on the blog's homepage sidebar, but you'll need to go to the archive for parts 2-8 (posted in December 2012). Alcott's best known film credit is "Antz".

Good stuff...great treatment.
This makes me so happy! I've heard so many people dismiss 'Avengers' as though it's popularity/success was some kind of fluke and not worthy of any critical acclaim (and I felt inadequate to defend it in any way, heck I can't even explain my love of CitW to my own satisfaction). But here is a really in-depth/insightful article on what an amazing writer Joss is, and how brilliantly he handled all the individual characters in 'Avengers'!
Thank you for the link!
He's got such good material here, it's a bit annoying to see how all the posts are so disconnected.
Agreed on the navigation issues, wonder what he's using.

Loving the analysis. Don't agree with everything, but a good perspective I haven't seen before (except where it mirrors mine :)

At the end of part 14, in a complement to Joss he mistakenly claims that Joss has never directed a feature film before. It does appear he was aware of Serenity, just dismissive of it. Opposed (in a friendly manner) in the comments, he tries to defend himself (also friendly) but falls short. I just set him straight (also friendly, but far too wordy) and hope he can at least see the point, if not agree completely.
I didn't find it that hard to navigate: I just kept changing the number in the http address at the top of the page.
And bobw1o, I ALSO set him straight about Serenity (I apologized for complaining, explaining that I was a crazy Whedon fan, in case he hadn't guessed....) because it is just silly to decided that Serenity didn't count as a movie Joss directed!

I absolutely loved his insights into Avengers and I asked if he could please do Cabin in the Woods (he said he had seen it and liked it). Actually I would like him to do Serenity!
Ah, 'twas you! Yeah, after reading through the whole thing I wasn't gonna add to it, but I thought his response to you was even more dismissive. "I acknowledge the movie exists, I just don't think it counts as a movie." Huh?

I think he means well, he's just judging a book by his guess of the cover.

I agree, I'd love to see his analysis of Serenity, especially if he watches it before he watches the show.
I suppose it's possible he means that Serenity is so tied into the show that it is folly to consider it its very own feature film. But I would disagree.
As opposed to The Avengers, which is tied to several other pre-existing movies?

ETA: It's actually too bad, because the Serenity screenplay is one of the most efficient I've ever seen. Worth breaking down in this way.

ETA: I find it weird he labels this an examination of the screenplay, when it's actually an examination of the finished film.

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