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January 05 2013

Interview with Jeremy Renner on "Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters". Bleeding Cool has compiled clips, interviews, and B-Roll from Renner's latest film.

Did Joss Whedon meet Jeremy Renner before The Avengers (which is better than Dollhouse) when Renner did the episode of, "Angel" titled, "Somnambulist"? Or was Joss not on set for that because of David Greenwalt being the showrunner? I wonder how long Jeremy and Joss have known each other?

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I don't think they met from what Joss or Jeremy said in an interview last year.
I saw the preview for this during The Hobbit and again last night during the Packers' win in the Wild Card playoffs.

Fantastic! It turns the story we all know on its ear and shakes until gold coins come out. There's humor, drama, and amazing special effects.

This is a "must see" on the big screen!
Renner said in an interview that he did meet and interact with Joss while he was shooting "Somnambulist" back in '99.

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