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January 06 2013

BriTANick's Brian and Nick on Riki Lindhome's Making It podcast. Features some minor Much Ado chat, a Whedonesque shoutout and the story behind this Joss post.

This somehow managed to slip under our radar back in August, but it's a great talk with two genuinely talented guys. The Joss stuff is at around 21:09. I believe there's also mention of Joss drunkenly revealing Riki's song idea board at a party at some point in the podcast...

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I just listened to the podcast and the highlight for me was definitely hearing about how drunk Joss went up to Riki's room, found her vision/idea board, and brought it downstairs to show drunk Nick and Brian. That sounds like a great time. I also really want to play running-flipcup-charades-gomegadega. That sounds like an amazing game. And I can't tell from the podcast if Joss played that game with them, but I like to think he did.

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