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January 07 2013

Wired magazine's "100 quotations every geek should know". Check out #51 & #60, you might known them!

Not that I have a problem with this list, just observing that "geek" is now simply a word for someone who's into popculture movies, books, tv shows and comics. Kind of a watered down phrase.
As much as I love seeing Firefly & Serenity, I don't think the list needed to have so many quotes from the same universes. 100 quotes isn't all that many compared to how many movies or books they could pull from.

Then again, the "clean" requirement on the quotes probably limits that some, eh?
I think this list came out three years ago. I could swear it's been posted here before.
I think this is the one it reminds me of, Simon
If you read the end of the article, it says it was originally published by GeekDad in 2009, so it is definitely a re-tread published three years later with no updates that I saw to the list.
@Skytteflickan88 well, they at least have the Oppenheimer quote in there to make it slightly more general.
Hmm...I must admit, #51 was not one I expected to see on the list. The more general "no power in the verse can stop me" from River would have made more sense, perhaps? Still glad to see Firefly and Serenity up there, either way.
I would have gone with: "I can kill you with my brain".
"No power in the verse can stop me" ...Wasn't River quoting Kay Lee? However, I'd prefer either "You're my kind of Stupid.", or "'May have been the losing side, ...'Still not convinced it was the wrong side." Heck, they are all so good.
Some of my favourite Whedon quotes are Xander's "To read makes our speaking english good" or Angel's "If nothing we do matters, then all that matters is what we do". There are far too many classic Whedon quotes to fit into a mere 100, but if you're going for the most iconic, gotta have 'Into every generation a slayer is born...'et cetera et cetera. Although my love for the phrase might be stemming from the fact that I just got my slayer's stake prop in the mail and the phrase is written on the display... I gotta go drool at it now.
"I'll be in my bunk" (yeah, they are all so good! LOL).
I always love the quotes in the upper right hand corner of Whedonesque.
If Heroes is going to have an entry, it should surely be "Save the cheerleader, save the world".

And why is #13 credited to "Adam West" rather than "Batman"?
"Well my days of not taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle."
"Actually, it explains a lot."

Aaarrggh, can't narrow it down - they're all so good :-)
"Man walks down the street in that hat, people know he's not afraid of anything."

definitely one of my favourites, especially today because I just got Jayne's hat as a late christmas present and I am psyched :)))

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