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January 07 2013

New Defiance trailer for Syfy's action epic with Julie Benz. Hereís the new trailer for Syfy's upcoming major drama series Defiance.

Defiance is both a show and an online video game thatís set amid the ruins of St. Louis following the arrival of seven races of aliens. The result, especially with the song featured in this new trailer ("Preacher" by Jamie N Commons), almost has a Firefly vibe.

I'm looking forward to this. Looks good.
Yeah I have good hopes for this one, mainly because it was developed by Rockne S. O'Bannon, the man behind "Farscape", that's more than enough to get interested.
Def. Firefly influence, which I'm ok with because I too am just glad to watch something from Farscape's creator. And Julie Benz!

I'm also getting a Saga vibe from the daughter. Though, I'm not sure why as I've only read the one TPB.

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I'm trying so hard not to get too hyped up for this. Because if I'm all exited for it, and then it sucks, or worse, it's really good and gets cancelled, I'll be really sad. And I lurve my genre TV.
Looks good firefly crossed with farscape withoutj joss's goodness
This looks like it could be really good.

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