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January 08 2013

"Bones" renewed for a ninth season. FOX has just announced the news.

The renewal will (presumably) take the series to 190 episodes.

Cool. While I think it's a bit of a stretch to call it one of the most dynamic dramas on TV, I do agree with the part that says it's one of the most consistent ones. It's been consistent fun for years now, and I'm glad to know it will be on the air a little while longer.

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I feel it had its weak points in the 6th and 7th season, but I am enjoying it a lot more again now. I used to wish they will cancel it soon, now I don't mind a renewal so much :)
it's weird -- and a little upsetting, in an egotistical way -- to think that by now, boreanaz is far more widely known as his character on 'bones' than he was as angel. (11 million viewers! yikes!)

it's also weird, in a different way, that primetime dramas still run for more than 5-7 years. in the last few years i've only watched tv that's heavy on serial elements...i've forgotten that many folks *like* continuity-lite drama (relatively speaking -- the average level is higher every day).
Glad to hear about the renewal.Still watch every week it's on with new episodes and have all the DVD sets so far.
It says in the article that "Brennan and Booth go undercover as dance competitors to see if they can find potential suspects." Here is hoping to see good moves from DB similar to those from the Angel episode "She."
waxbanks, with this announcement, it's also basically official that Boreanaz will have been playing Booth longer than Angel in terms of total hours and episodes. I'm glad he's found such success; it's good to see Whedonverse people go on and do well later. Between the two series, he's been on TV a long time! Wonder what he'll do next when Bones is finally done, if he'll go on to do movies or what...
I quit watching that a few years ago, sometime around when Zach had his accident. I think it was on opposite something I liked more. I tried getting back into it this season, but was very disappointed with the few episodes I saw, which were far too corny for my taste. (For instance, I just caught the episode where Bones had her baby. Could that "born in a manger" anvil have been any heavier?)

I loved it when it first started, and I think the actors are great (In those roles - I haven't seen them in anything else, aside from Whedonverse appearances) but the writing, for me, has fallen very flat.

But I'm glad David is doing well, and hopefully some folks who only know him as Seeley will look into his acting past and fall in love with the dark, mysterious vampire.
Wonder what he'll do next when Bones is finally done

I'd like to see David in films (I just googled and he apparently did a women's basketball film with Carla Gugino I hadn't heard about) but he's such a big sports guy I can see him doing a sports-related series. One of my guilty pleasure TV shows back in the day was The White Shadow and I can totally see him playing that role if the series was updated and brought back.
Congrats to David. It's nice when Whedonverse actors DON'T fade into total obscurity. :/
I feel a more than middling urge to say something about David's acting ability which got dinged a lot in early Buffy days and then grew exponentially once he was carrying his own show (Angel). I, like waxbanks, find it a bit weird that he's more well known now for Bones. I'm sure most of us ascribe to a feeling of, well, ownership of Whedon characters/actors we like, love, admire, and wish because of the often fickle finger of fate that those roles were the ones sparking the artistic zeitgeist. I stopped watching Bones after a couple seasons, just couldn't get into it though I felt DB was so accomplished by that time that he knew just what to do with Seeley Booth. And it seemed so deceptively simple that the work he put into it probably wasn't wholly apparent (I read that he and his colleague, Ms. Deschanel, would frequently work on scenes outside of work hours to get the relationship just right). Though I much preferred the format of Angel, I get why people like him and the show. But I very much miss the chops that were on display, particularly in Season 5, and in the monologue he had about the Black Thorn, which James Marsters complimented him highly for. It does bring back nostalgia for wishing Angel got more than five seasons and loving how he led his crew.

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David has done some remarkable work on Bones. And it`s nice to see him smile. In the daylight.
Good news for David as it couldn't happen to a better guy! FTR, I thought the Angelus arc put all those ugly accusations of poor acting to rest quite nicely. The guy is not only very easy on the eyes but has talent.
Malka, if you see the end of the last "Bones" episode of 2012, it includes some very creative dancing from both David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel. It's not like "She," but it's not like anything else either.

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