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January 08 2013

Jeremy Renner says Avengers sequel will provide more opportunities for Hawkeye. He also states that he has no hard feelings towards Joss for Hawkeye's story (or lack thereof) in the Avengers.

"Um, don't know what to tell ya... try The Avengers, they'll take anybody, those guys. Have you been to them? Hey, they got a guy with a bow and arrow, I'm not kidding. What, are they recruiting at sporting goods stores? 'Hey, you jump rope really fast, how'd you like to be an Avenger? I like the way you tetherball, sir, how'd you like to take on Ultron?'" —Patton Oswalt
Interesting that people thought there might be an issue. Renner is certainly a big enough name he could make a stink, but you're in the #1 film of the year that's also a critical success, it's hard to complain about it.

My hope for Hawkeye is, either in a new film Widow/Hawkeye or in the new Avengers is that Joss finds a way to make him a favorite character as up until this point, I just don't see much of a fanbase for him.
In his Avengers commentary Joss did say he had a backstory worked out for Hawkeye, but it had to be scraped to fit all the characters in.

I'm hoping for lots of Hawkeye-Black Widow moments in the new movie. That relationship was my favorite.
I think he'll be good. I just think Hawkeye was the character who got sacrificed so we could have a great plot and maximize everyone else's story. It wasn't a flaw of the film IMO, but it left me missing a vital piece of information And that was, if we're going to take him as a real Avenger, other than Black Widow wanting to pay back a debt, no one seemed that concerned to be facing him as an opponent. So as a viewer, I would sort of like to know why he has any business being around everyone else at this point.

That's what I'd like to see. I got to see what business every other character had being an Avenger, except for Clint Barton. At least something more than trick bow shots, which are fun but in a world of guns and laser blasters, not particularly intimidating. Give me that in the next movie and I'll be a happy camper.

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Um, is there really a story here?
It is a minimal story, but then Hawkeye's role was kind of obviously minimal in Avengers. I think a lot of people were wanting to get more of his backstory; since Black Widow was so committed to him, and he really was her major motivation, it made him more mysterious and interesting. I am hoping that Joss will play off that and come up with something really interesting for both Hawkeye and Black Widow.
Good news for Alan Alda. ;)
It's a good thing that he doesn't hold any "hard feelings" against Joss for his character receiving less screen time. I could never imagine an Avengers 2 without him. Just look at how much Ed Norton's absence diminished the first film! And let's not forget how replacing Terrence Howard with Don Cheadle sank Iron Man 2.

Seriously, I've been a big fan of Renner since The Unusuals, but actors should be wary of any quotes that make them seem less than grateful for being included in blockbusters.
Funnily enough there are people out there who thought Terrence Howard was a better Rhodey.
I think in general almost all actors/directors/writers are *smart* to sit on whatever complaints they have about anyone most of the time. The business tends to like gratitude rather than angst. That said, Norton wasn't fired for saying bad things about people (well maybe he did) but being difficult to actually work with (for what rumors are worth anyway). Howard was sunk during the salary negotiation process. And that was partly because as the first one signed, he made more than anyone on the first movie. And again, those were the rumors, but about as much as we're going to get.

I think Renner might have gotten slapped on the wrist a little, but recasting over that might have been overkill. The thing that seems to be true about the Marvel movies is that they treat it a bit like a machine. You're a good part if you get the job done and don't make waves. If they have to constantly "deal" with you, you're out.

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